India vs. Pakistan ODI World Cup 2023: Ticket Sales and Booking Details

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced a phased approach to the ticket sales for the upcoming ODI World Cup 2023, set to commence in Ahmedabad on October 5. The inaugural match for India will see them face Australia in Chennai on October 8, followed by a highly anticipated clash against arch-rivals Pakistan in Ahmedabad on October 14. It is important to note, however, that the availability of tickets for all matches will not be simultaneous; rather, a staggered release strategy will be implemented.

The process of ticket acquisition will be organized in a sequential manner, granting fans the opportunity to procure their desired tickets progressively. While the registration process has already commenced, the actual purchase of tickets is scheduled to commence post August 25. This date holds significance as it marks the initiation of ticket distribution for non-India warm-up matches and all non-India event matches.

Consequently, cricket enthusiasts and supporters keen on attending the ODI World Cup 2023 matches are advised to adhere to the aforementioned schedule. Engaging with the registration process and abiding by the stipulated timeline ensures optimal chances of securing tickets to the various matches, thereby contributing to an enhanced and well-prepared fan experience.

The process for acquiring tickets to witness the India matches at various venues during the ODI World Cup 2023 follows a meticulously outlined schedule:

Guwahati and Trivandrum Matches:

Ticket availability for India matches scheduled to be held in Guwahati and Trivandrum will commence on August 30. Enthusiasts eager to attend these matches are encouraged to secure their tickets on this date.

Chennai, Delhi, and Pune Matches:

For matches set to take place in Chennai, Delhi, and Pune, the opportunity to obtain tickets will be extended starting from August 31. Fans aspiring to be part of these matches can initiate their ticket purchases on this specified date.

Dharamsala, Lucknow, and Mumbai Matches:

The ticket sales for India matches scheduled at Dharamsala, Lucknow, and Mumbai will begin on September 1. On this date, interested individuals can embark on the process of securing their attendance to these compelling encounters.

Bengaluru and Kolkata Matches:

The commencement of ticket sales for India matches taking place in Bengaluru and Kolkata is slated for the subsequent day following September 1. Fans looking to attend matches at these venues can initiate their ticket procurement process on this date.

Ahmedabad Matches:

Concluding the comprehensive schedule of ticket sales for the highly anticipated ODI World Cup 2023, the commencement date for ticket availability for India matches scheduled at Ahmedabad has been designated as September 3. Particularly of note is the riveting clash between India and Pakistan, which is set to unfold on October 14. Fans and enthusiasts keen on attending this momentous encounter are advised to initiate their ticket purchase process on the aforementioned date.

Tickets Sale Dates

Preceding the official commencement of ticket sales, cricket enthusiasts are offered a unique opportunity to express their interest and register their intent to attend the ODI World Cup 2023. As of August 15, fans are encouraged to avail themselves of this preliminary step by visiting the dedicated registration portal: https://www.cricketworldcup.com/register.

In an official statement released by the International Cricket Council (ICC), BCCI CEO Hemang Amin expressed his enthusiasm in announcing a significant development for cricket enthusiasts. The announcement centers around the opportunity for fans to partake in a registration process designed to provide comprehensive information and updates pertaining to official tickets for the forthcoming ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

Mr. Amin underscored that, following a meticulous review and necessary adjustments, the schedule for the event has been definitively determined. As a result, fervent fans now have the prospect of eagerly anticipating the forthcoming ticket purchase phase, affording them the chance to be part of the event and bear witness to riveting displays of high-caliber cricket.

The CEO of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) asserted the organization’s unwavering commitment to ensuring an unparalleled and gratifying experience for attendees across all hosting venues. The sentiment conveyed by Mr. Amin encapsulates the earnest dedication of the BCCI in delivering an event that not only showcases top-tier cricketing action but also guarantees an enjoyable and immersive experience for fans.

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