‘Hey… You Didn’t Bring Churma for Me’: Modi Teases Neeraj Chopra, Gives Winning ‘Mantra’ to Olympic Athletes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a conversation with athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics. He congratulated Tokyo Olympics gold medalist Neeraj Chopra and also asked him about his well-being.

Neeraj Chopra started the conversation by conveying his greetings to Modi and responding to his question, “I am fine, just the same as before.” Modi replied to his question, “Your Churma has not yet arrived.”

In response, Neeraj Chopra expressed his embarrassment and said, “I will definitely bring it. Last time, there was a shortage of Churma in Delhi. Now I will bring Churma from Haryana and serve them to you.”

PM Modi told Neeraj Chopra, “I eat the Churma made by your mother.” To this, Neeraj gave his word and said, “Certainly, sir.”

When Neeraj asked the PM, "Sir, how are you?"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Importance of Participation in Olympics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the significance of participating in the Olympics for the country, stating, “There is something to be done for the country in participating (in the Olympics). You have reached this position through your dedication. Now, you have something to give to the country. The field where one performs their best honors the country. I am confident that all our friends will break old records this time.”

During both offline and online conversations, PM Modi expressed, “It remains essential for me to keep meeting with the stars of the sporting world, learning about new things, understanding their efforts, and as a government, if there is any problem in the system, I strive to fix it. If I need to bring about change or increase efforts in this direction, I should continue to work on something in this direction.”

He added, “Those who make excuses can never progress. Those who do not make excuses always win! You are engaged in sports, you are going to give your best performance, but remember that the Olympics is not just about playing, but also about learning on a large scale.”

PM Modi also spoke to boxer Lovelyna Borgohan.

No Shortage of Lessons for Learners: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked, “There is no shortage of lessons for those who wish to learn. Those who seek to complain also have plenty to complain about. It is essential to push aside all excuses, set resolutions to move forward, and strive to win.”

Further emphasizing his point, PM Modi said, “You all know that in the world of sports and games, practice and perseverance are as important as anything else. I urge you all to be very enthusiastic about mastering these, not to compromise with perseverance, and to deepen your commitment.”

Addressing athletes, PM Modi explained, “Here, it’s not just about physical exercise but about skillful practice. Have faith in your lineage, your talent, your training, and your camaraderie. Stay focused, stay positive. You will surely emerge victorious.”

PM Modi Expresses Confidence in Athletes Ahead of Paris Olympics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his confidence in Indian athletes ahead of the Paris Olympics scheduled from July 26 to August 11. During his discussions with Olympic athletes, PM Modi stated, “I believe that athletes will give their best performance, inspiring hope among 140 crore Indians. I am confident that by showcasing their best performance, sports heroes will bring glory to India.”

Modi engaged in conversations for the first time with representatives of the country in the Olympics, including boxer Nikhat Zareen and several shooters, learning about their preparations.

Narendra Modi met the athletes representing the country at the Paris Olympics at their residence and also took a photo.

Sindhu Advises New Athletes: Stay Focused and Centered on Your Game

PV Sindhu advised new athletes, “Do not be overwhelmed and stay focused on your game.” She mentioned that this was her third Olympics, having won a silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics and a bronze medal in Tokyo. Currently aiming to change colors again, she emphasized the challenges athletes face in handling pressure at the Olympics and expressed her enthusiasm for participating. 

When asked by Modi what advice she would give to new athletes, Sindhu replied, “In the Olympics, many people are under pressure, and to participate, you must be motivated. I say you have to focus and give your 100 percent.”

This is PV Sindhu's third Olympics. He has won bronze medals in Tokyo and silver medals in Rio Olympics.

Conversation with Priyanka Goswami: Discussing Sports and Practice

Priyanka Goswami was asked, “Where is your Balakrishna?”

In conversation with anchor Priyanka Goswami, Prime Minister Modi asked, “Where is Balakrishna?” You are with her.

Goswami replied, “He is in Switzerland with me. This is my and his second Olympics. I have been practicing outside the country for three months. First, I took training in Australia, and now I am practicing in Switzerland.”

In reality, Priyanka keeps the statue of her Balakrishna (Lord Gopal) with herself. PM told her that there is no need to focus on her practice, now people are busy practicing with you. Goswami responded that this event is as popular abroad as other sports, but it is very popular in your promotion later.

At the beginning of the conversation, Priyanka congratulated Modi on becoming the PM for the third time.

Presence of Sports Minister and Olympic Officials

Sports Minister Mansukh Mandaviya and President of the Indian Olympic Association P.T. Usha were also present. Alongside Indian athletes, Sports Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, Minister of State for Sports Raksha Khadse, and P.T. Usha, head of the Indian Olympic Association, were present. Modi also had a virtual conversation with Neeraj Chopra, boxer Nikhat Zareen, and badminton player PV Sindhu, who has won two Olympic medals.

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