Leave Mount Abu Behind… Experience the Delights of Kashmir-Darjeeling at this Nearby Place in Gujarat!

Mount Abu is a beloved hill station in Rajasthan for Gujaratis, but today we won’t talk about Mount Abu. Instead, let’s explore another hill station that Gujaratis may not know much about. Here, you can immerse yourself in abundant natural beauty. 

This destination attracts not only Indians but also foreign tourists, especially during the summer months when Gujaratis often plan trips. This could become your new favorite place to visit.

Discover Rajasthan’s Hill Station That Rivals Darjeeling

If you regret not being able to visit Darjeeling due to the distance, then make sure to meet this hill station. It will surely delight you. It’s said that this place is akin to Darjeeling. So, find out about such a place in Rajasthan that can give you a taste of Darjeeling from Bengal. 

Rajasthan is one of India’s largest states. Its beauty is unmatched by many other states. It’s also close to Gujarat.

Tips for Traveling to Goram Ghat

  • Accommodation Availability: Goram Ghat is a hill station but lacks lodging options. Therefore, you can book a hotel or ashram in Jodhpur or Marwar Junction.
  • Food and Drinks: There are no cafes or restaurants here, so make sure to carry your own provisions for meals and beverages.
  • Weather: The weather here is very pleasant from August to October.

This is the Hill Station

In Rajasthan, there is a place named Goram Ghat, which is often referred to as Rajasthan’s Darjeeling and Kashmir both. It is located 278 km away from Jaipur. You can reach there by vehicle in 5 hours and 40 minutes. Learn more about this Goram Ghat…

Where is Goram Ghat?

Where is Goram Ghat?

Goram Ghat is located 130 km from Udaipur. Situated near the border of Marwar and Mewar, this hill station is highly popular among tourists for its railway track. A short distance from Goram Ghat is Khamli Ghat, where many tourists also visit.

Enjoy the Joy of Toy Trains

Enjoy the Joy of Toy Trains

Here, you can also enjoy the charm of toy trains similar to those in Darjeeling. Many tourists come here specifically to experience the fun of these toy trains at Goram Ghat. It’s also said that tourists often embark on treks to appreciate the beauty of Goram Ghat.

How to Reach Goram Ghat

To reach Goram Ghat, you can arrive at any of the three railway stations here: Marwad Junction, Mavli Junction, and Fulad Junction. From these stations, you can directly reach Goram Ghat. It’s worth noting that Marwad Junction is the closest to Goram Ghat. 

Therefore, try to board a train that goes directly to Marwad Junction. If you are traveling from Jaipur, Udaipur, or Jodhpur, you can also avail bus services from there.

Breathtaking Beauty

Breathtaking Beauty

Nestled in the valleys of the Aravalli Mountains, Goram Ghat is nothing short of paradise for tourists across the country. During summers, this place provides much-needed tranquility. When the train winds its way through the passes here, the surrounding scenery delights the heart. 

Notably, a picturesque bridge has been constructed alongside the tracks for pedestrians to enjoy, offering a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts to capture stunning views.

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