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Passenger Claims Screw Found in Sandwich on Bangalore to Chennai IndiGo Flight: Airline Denies To Apologies

A passenger traveling on an IndiGo flight recently claimed to have found a screw inside the sandwich provided onboard. The incident occurred on Monday (February 13), and the passenger shared pictures on social media, alleging that the airline refused to apologize for the mishap.

Reddit Revelation: Corn Sandwich Surprise During Flight

According to a passenger’s post on Reddit, on February 1, while traveling on an IndiGo flight from Bengaluru to Chennai, they were served a corn sandwich. Upon opening the packet after landing, they were surprised to find a screw inside. They requested the airline to apologize for the lapse in quality control, but no action was taken.

Recent Airline Incidents: A Series of Unfortunate Events

January 31: Altercation on SpiceJet Flight

A SpiceJet flight SG-592 from Kolkata to Bagdogra witnessed an altercation involving a 26-year-old female passenger. Allegedly, the passenger touched another traveler inappropriately, leading to a confrontation.

January 14: Delhi-Goa Flight Delay Leads to Passenger Slapping Pilot

IndiGo’s flight 6E-2175 to Goa was delayed for 13 hours at Delhi airport due to adverse weather conditions. A passenger, frustrated by the delay, physically assaulted the pilot upon landing, prompting security intervention.

January 14: Flight Diverted to Mumbai, Passengers Protest and Pay Fines

IndiGo flight 6E2195, originally bound for Delhi from Goa, was diverted to Mumbai after a 12-hour delay. This caused unrest among passengers who were then fined ₹1.80 crore by IndiGo and ₹60 lakh by Mumbai airport authorities.

January 13: Mumbai-Guwahati Flight Forced Landing in Bangladesh

On January 13, IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Guwahati had to make an emergency landing in Dhaka, Bangladesh, due to technical issues. With 178 passengers onboard, they remained on the plane for 12 hours due to passport-related issues.

November 26: Complaint Regarding Missing Seat on IndiGo Flight

On November 26, an IndiGo flight 6E 6798 from Pune to Nagpur faced complaints when a female passenger, Sagarika Patnaik, alleged that her seat was missing. She informed the cabin crew, who initially dismissed her complaint but later assigned her another seat.

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