Historic Achievement: Surat’s 48-Year-Old Khyati Patel Completes 300KM Ultra-Marathon in 76 Hours, Secures Second Place Nationally

At 48 years old, the renowned Patel from Surat has completed a 300-kilometer ultra marathon, running tirelessly for 76 hours straight, amidst temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius during the day and dropping to 15 degrees Celsius at night. This remarkable woman has secured the first position among women in the state of Gujarat and the second position in India in the single stage race category. It is noteworthy that she covered a staggering distance of 76 kilometers within a mere two hours. Her achievement stands as a testament to her extraordinary endurance and unwavering determination.

After four months of dedicated efforts, Patel revealed that she has achieved the desired results. She mentioned that after rigorous hard work for four months, she managed to attain her goals. She woke up at 3:30 in the morning for five days a week, practicing for seven hours on the streets of Surat city. Her practice sessions, which included running on Surat Cable Bridge and other bridges, proved to be beneficial for her.

Khyati Patel was supported by her husband and son

Patel’s Insights on Diet Transformation

Speaking about her diet, Patel revealed that she embarked on a journey of consuming healthier foods by forsaking unhealthy options over a period of four months. Her diet regimen included carbohydrates before running, followed by protein along with dried fruits like dates for recovery. During her 300-kilometer run, when she completed 150 kilometers, she doubted if she could finish the marathon. However, with the unwavering support of her support team, including her husband Keyur Patel, daughter Prarthisht Patel, and guide Tejal Modi, she completed the 300-kilometer run with great motivation.

Even the toes were swollen while running.

Mental Preparation Alongside Physical Endurance

More importantly, I supplemented my physical training with mental preparation to endure the 300-kilometer run in 76 hours, braving temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius during the day and 15 degrees Celsius at night. In this competition, success required both physical and mental fortitude. Throughout the challenge, I took breaks of 20-20 minutes three times and 30-30 minutes twice. 

The marathon demanded intense mental and physical readiness. It’s crucial to maintain discipline and mental resolve before undertaking any task; it ensures completion. In the future, I aspire to break my own record, holding onto the hope of achieving greater milestones.

Khyati Patel during running.

Runners from India and Abroad Participated in Marathon

The Blue Brigade Running Club India organizes various types of marathons and ultra marathons. Recently, on February 14, 2024, an ultra marathon was organized in Nashik, Maharashtra by the Syedari Farm. This ultra marathon saw participation from approximately 10 individuals from various countries including India. Among the participants were 2 runners from Australia along with runners from different cities and states of India including Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Gujarat, and other states.

Night and day continued to run

Khyati Patel is Recognized as a Coffee Lover

Khyati Patel, a 48-year-old from Surat, is recognized as a coffee lover. In 2015, Patel made a definitive decision to start running, beginning with a 50-kilometer run. Following this, she completed 4 marathons of 50 kilometers each, 4 marathons of 100 kilometers each, 1 marathon of 160 kilometers, and 1 marathon of 220 kilometers, thereby inspiring fitness enthusiasts. In the year 2024, Patel achieved recognition by completing a 300-kilometer run, securing the second position among women in Gujarat and in India’s single-stage race category.

Khyati Patel's face was full of happiness as soon as he finished running

Challenging Terrain in a Marathon: Overcoming Obstacles

Ninety percent of the route was filled with rugged, rocky paths, while only ten percent offered a clear and runnable trail in the 300-kilometer ultra-marathon completed within 76 hours. The majority of the path was deemed impassable due to its rocky nature. Despite these hurdles, participants completed the 300-kilometer run. 

Before commencing the race, all competitors undergo medical check-ups, including blood pressure, urine tests, sugar level checks, and other examinations. Among the participants, three from India and one from Australia completed this challenging race. Khyati Patel, achieving the second position in India’s single-stage race category, has earned the title of the first woman from Gujarat to accomplish this feat.

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