The Tragic Tale: Two Lovers, Two Trees, and 48 Hours in Surat’s Jungle – Neelam’s Hands Severed by Blades

In a tragic turn of events reminiscent of a Bollywood love story, two lovers ended their lives in a heartbreaking tale of romance. Wrapped in the complexities of love, this couple’s story unfolds with layers of tension. The duo comprised a young woman who was already engaged to one man and a young man who was a father to a child. 

Similar to the plot of the movie “Ek Duje Ke Liye,” this love story echoes the essence of Neelam-Narendra and Pushpendra-Roshni. Choosing to live and die together, these lovebirds tragically committed suicide within just 48 hours of each other. Their actions left their families and the entire city stunned and grief-stricken.

Tragic Suicides of Four Lovers in Surat Unfold a Tale of Familial Opposition

In a poignant incident on Vesu Second VIP Road in Surat, two young women were found hanging from a tree on Monday morning, February 19th, near the Mini Goa Court premises. Upon investigation, the deceased bodies were identified as Roshni and Neelam, sisters-in-law by relation. The families and the lovers faced opposition to their desire for marriage, leading both pairs of sisters-in-law to commit suicide together by hanging. Subsequently, the police interrogated the brothers of both pairs of lovers. 

Following the investigation, Pushpendra and Narendra continued their normal routines at home. However, the next day, on Wednesday morning, February 21st, both young men tragically ended their lives by hanging themselves from another tree, mirroring the fate of their beloveds. It’s notable that all four lovers were interrelated by familial ties, depicting the gravity of societal and familial pressures against their love.

Shocking Revelation: Four Lovers Found Hanging in a Tragic Incident

When we arrived, we discovered that where these four lovers had committed suicide, there stands a sand-cement shop. Initially, upon inquiry, a worker informed us, “Yes, sir, on Sunday, two girls were found hanging from the tree.” Moving ahead from there, there’s a lane that leads to the woods; there you’ll find another tree. As we visited on Wednesday morning, an ambulance and police vans were stationed there. 

Later, we learned that today two young men had met with an accident, and they were the lovers of the first two girls. One after the other, their bodies were taken away in the ambulance, while the police conducted their investigation inside. I didn’t have the courage to venture inside and witness it firsthand.

Roshni and Neelam from left.

“Sir, Please Spare Us,” Pleaded the Artisan

When questioned by a reporter from DivyaBhaskar about the name of the artisan, they replied, “Sir, please spare us, we’re not involved in anything…” Following their response, we proceeded further into the woods, where the two lover couples had met with the accident. It’s where the police had conducted a thorough investigation. 

The lovers who had met with the accident by hanging from the branches were also taken into police custody. However, judging by the pictures, it seemed apparent that the lovers, who were hanging from the tree, were quite close. After all the inspections were completed, we headed towards the homes of both couples.

Three Women, Two Children, and a Man Emerged

At the gate of Bhagwan Mahavir College, two stationed security guards were asked if they knew where the two young women who had met with the accident were residing. They replied, “Just a little ahead, take a right, and you’ll find clusters of huts there.” Both the young women used to live there with their families. Upon reaching, three women, two children, and a man emerged from one of the huts. In conversation with them, it was revealed that one of the women was Neelam’s mother, and the others were her relatives.

Neelam Found Hanging from a Noose During Investigation

During the conversation with Neelam’s mother, Chandramukhi, they expressed that they had no clue about anything. If there was any news, they would inform. That day, she had gone out for work from home. When she went to work, she received a call saying, “Neelam hasn’t come to work.” So, they began searching for her. When they couldn’t find her, they reported to the police and were told to search for their daughter. 

During the investigation, they found Neelam hanging from a noose. I have no idea whether she hung herself or someone else did it. She was accompanied by her younger daughter. When asked, Neelam just told her to wait for five minutes and didn’t tell her where she was going. There was no news afterward.

Neelam's father Rajesh Verma and mother Chandramukhi.

“If we had known, we would have stopped both of them.”

“Roshni and Neelam were sisters-in-law. Both used to go to work together. Now, if we had known, we would have stopped both of them. I have four daughters, and they used to go together everywhere. If one forgets something, the others would remind her. If there was anything like this, we would explain it to our daughter, but we had no idea what to do if there was no news. Roshni and Neelam’s lovers have said that we had no idea. Both sisters used to go to work and come back together.”

“Both daughters were hanging there when we arrived.”

Later, Roshni’s uncle Vinay informed us that we had no clue. The police called us, and that’s when we found out. When we went there with the police, both daughters were hanging. Neither of the daughters had ever mentioned anything about any boy. If they had, we wouldn’t have let them go. They should have been taken abroad. But we had no clue. Roshni’s parents are abroad. If the young ones had told us anything, we wouldn’t have let this happen.”

Sapphires and lights hanging on trees.

Marriage Against Family’s Wishes

Rakesh Ramdehal Verma, originally from Uttar Pradesh, currently resides on Vaisu VYIP Road near Bhagwan Mahavir College campus. He lives with his family and his younger brother Rajesh Verma’s family. Both families work as security guards at Mahavir College. Rakesh’s 18-year-old daughter Roshni and Rajesh Verma’s 20-year-old daughter Neelam worked in different households near the college.

Neelam and Roshni were romantically involved with boys from nearby families, Narendra Manoj Varma (aged 20, lives in Vaisu Atlantis Sky) and Pushpandra Kripa Ram (aged 18, lives in Vaisu Atlantis Sky), respectively. However, the families did not approve of their relationship for marriage. Despite opposition from their families, both couples decided to get married. As a result, both sisters-in-law committed suicide due to family opposition.

Engagement between Narendra and Neelam

Afterward, we reached Althan Police Station. There we gathered information from the PI Damor that both families were informed. Roshni and Pushpandra had a love relationship, both of them are unmarried. Whereas Neelam and Narendra had a love relationship, although Neelam had been engaged a year ago. Narendra is married and has a 6-month-old daughter who is currently staying at their hometown. When we reached Pushpandra and Narendra’s house to gather information, they were hesitantly answering, fearing the presence of security.

Narendra's father Manoj Verma and Pushpendra's father Kriparam Verma.

Emotional Encounter at the Hospital

Upon arrival at the civil hospital, preparations were underway to transport the bodies of the two young men in the ambulance after the post-mortem. Neelam’s father, Narendra’s father, Pushpandra’s father, and their close relatives were present. Particularly striking was Pushpandra’s father, who had tears in his eyes. Pushpandra’s father, Kripa Ram, expressed, “I am also clueless about all this. One was my son, and the other was like a son to me.” They had gone out to make purchases yesterday morning, and they never returned. Furthermore, they both worked as security guards.

Tragic Revelation: A Series of Unfortunate Events

It was revealed that both young women were in relationships. What events transpired, I cannot comprehend. Initially, both daughters committed suicide, followed by both sons doing the same. No one ever spoke of anything between them. If only something had been communicated, preparations could have been made, and lives might have been saved. However, nothing was ever disclosed. Even Neelam’s father, Kripa Ram, was here, which means something had been communicated to him. Hence, Neelam’s father had gone to Rajesh.

Entwined Family Bonds: A Mystery Unfolds

Neelam’s father, Rajesh Varma, mentioned that both Roshni and Neelam leave for work in the morning. However, when they didn’t go to work, we became concerned. He took matters into his own hands, filing a police complaint when no clues surfaced. Even their relatives’ homes were searched, and it was discovered they had left from there. 

The search continued into the night. No one knows why they met with such a fate. The two young men who accompanied them in life also met a tragic end. They were also unaware of the reason behind the incident. Knowing they had familial ties, I expected to understand, but at the scene of the incident, I couldn’t grasp what had happened.

Departure for an Unforeseen Errand

Narendra’s father also came over at that time. Manoj Varma, Narendra’s father, informed us that he had left home to borrow money to buy shorts. After that, he vanished. There was no news about what happened with the two young women. If there had been any information, we would have acted accordingly. However, we were completely clueless. Narendra also didn’t mention anything to me.

Tragic Incident: Loss of Two Lives

On Monday, the young women, and on Wednesday, the young men, committed suicide by hanging themselves. Just two days after the accident involving the sisters, on Wednesday morning, both the lovers of the sisters, 18-year-old Pushpendra Kripa Ram Varma and 19-year-old Narendra Manojbhai Varma (residents of Atlanta Sky Deck, near Jhundpatti, Bhimrad Road, Althan), hanged themselves with a rope in the dense bushes in front of the Mini Goa Food Court on Second V.I.P. Road.

Pushpendra and Narendra from left.

Narendra’s Family Dynamics

Narendra had been working as a security guard at Bhagwan Mahavir College for the last three years, while Pushpendra had been working for three months. Pushpendra originally hailed from Uttar Pradesh, whereas Narendra was from Madhya Pradesh. Narendra was married and had a six-month-old daughter living with him. He also resided with his parents. Pushpendra was unmarried and had been staying with his parents in Surat for the past three months.

Young women were hanged on the left tree and young men were hanged on the opposite tree.

Acceptance of Love Amid Tragedy

The disclosure of the romantic involvement between Neelam and Roshni emerged amidst a tragic event on Sunday when both sisters, Roshni Varma and Neelam Varma, who were involved in a romantic relationship, met with an accident. The Althan Police summoned both of their partners, Pushpendra and Narendra, to inquire about their relationship with the sisters. 

Narendra and Pushpendra admitted that they were indeed involved romantically with Neelam and Roshni. Neelam, in distress, had inflicted cuts on her hand as well. On Sunday afternoon, they were interrogated about the incident. While the girls’ family pressured them to marry against their wishes, the young men were not prepared for marriage in this manner.

Dead bodies of girls brought to hospital after death.

Tragic Suicide Incident Involving Couples

The incident where couples hanged themselves at the same spot has left everyone in shock. The young couples, after facing pressure against their wishes to get married, resorted to suicide. They were seen in the market on Wednesday morning buying clothes but no one knew their intentions. Later, it was discovered that both Roshni and Neelam took their lives at the same location, hanging from different trees. The police are investigating the entire matter, taking note of the family’s statements as well. 

Dead bodies of youths taken to hospital.

Roshni’s parents performed her last rites in Surat without her maternal family’s presence. The police confirmed that both girls were in a relationship with two young men, which the families have acknowledged. However, media reports claim ignorance of the entire affair. The tragic incident has shattered four families, leaving behind a six-month-old girl to be orphaned.

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