Adani Acquires ₹1000 Crore Jet, Modi Uses Same Company’s Plane, Gujarat Buys ₹1600 Crore Jets in Three Years

In Gujarat, there is a growing trend among industrialists to purchase private jets alongside expanding their business ventures. Between 2022 and 2024, a total of seven new luxurious jets including Pilatus, Global Challenger, and Gulf Stream, worth Rs. 1600 crore, have been acquired. Prominent industrial groups like Adani Group, Jhajhs, Astral, and Cadila Pharmaceuticals are among those making these acquisitions.

These jets are notable for their capability to travel to destinations like London, the USA, and Canada. The Adani Group’s aviation division made headlines in 2022 with the purchase of a Rs. 400 crore Global 6500 series jet. In 2023, the company’s top executives acquired their first Swiss-made Pilatus jet, followed by another purchase in 2024, adding up to a fleet of eight aircraft. All these jets are parked at Ahmedabad airport for convenient access.

Here is the breakdown of the jets acquired by various companies in Gujarat during different years:


  • Adani Group
    • Global 6500 series
    • Price: Rs. 400 crore


  • Adani Group
    • Pilatus 24
    • Price: Rs. 100 crore
  • Cadila Pharmaceuticals
    • Gulf Stream – 550
    • Price: Rs. 500 crore
  • Propvista
    • PRM-1
    • Price: Rs. 90 crore


  • Adani Group
    • Pilatus 24
    • Price: Rs. 100 crore
  • Jhajhs
    • Challenger 650
    • Price: Rs. 200 crore
  • Astral
    • G150
    • Price: Rs. 100 crore
  • Rajhans
    • B200
    • Price: Rs. 70 crore

Expansion of Private Jet Parking Stands at Ahmedabad Airport

With the increasing number of private jets, Ahmedabad Airport has recently expanded its parking facilities. Currently, there are 18 parking stands dedicated to private jets at the airport, accommodating a total of 53 aircraft. 

This expansion has been crucial as the number of jets owned by industrialists, notably Adani Group with the largest fleet of eight jets, has risen significantly. Previously, the airport had only 38 to 40 parking stands for various sizes of aircraft.

Parking Shortage in Ahmedabad Due to Increasing Demand for Private Jets

The number of domestic flights is increasing daily, leading to a rise in nighttime parking demand. Consequently, finding parking for private jets in Ahmedabad is becoming challenging. As a result, situations may arise where industrialists have to park their jets in airports like Vadodara, Surat, or Rajkot. 

Surat airport authorities have received inquiries from industrialists regarding space allocation for jet parking after Ahmedabad’s privatization. Alongside parking, various charges, including those for takeoff and landing, have also seen an increase. This suggests that Gujarat may experience a surge in demand for jets in the near future.

Billionaire Gautam Adani Purchases Boeing Jet Worth ₹1000 Crores; Luxurious Aircraft to Arrive in Ahmedabad in Three to Four Months

Gujarati industrialist Gautam Adani has purchased a Boeing 737-Max 8 series jet for personal use, featuring an exquisitely luxurious interior designed in Switzerland. The aircraft is slated to be ready in the next three to four months and will land at Ahmedabad airport. 

Adani Group’s burgeoning aviation company, Business Jet Fleet, will manage this series, adding to its existing fleet of eight jets. This series of private jets was previously owned exclusively by Essar Group, now in the possession of the Indian government and acquired by Adani, who integrates modern technology into this luxurious private jet aircraft.

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