Tata Group’s Job Market: 38 Layoffs at Tata Steel Raise Questions

The Tata Group, after its largest company TCS, has now also announced layoffs of 38 employees at Tata Steel. This has caused unrest among all the employees of the company. Working for the Tata Group was considered equivalent to a government job, where people never feared losing their jobs. However, the company has now initiated significant changes by implementing layoffs of employees. N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Steel and the Tata Group, has stated that out of the 38 employees who were laid off by Tata Steel, three employees were accused of caste discrimination. Several complaints were received regarding these employees. After investigation, strict action is being taken against these employees.

In reality, the Tata Group has recently acquired many companies. As a result, many employees of other companies have also become part of the Tata Group. Now, the companies under the Tata conglomerate have started the process of downsizing.

Tata Steel Downsizes and Addresses Non-Compliance

Tata Steel and Tata Group’s Chairman, Mr. N. Chandrasekaran, informed about the decision of downsizing, stating that the company has laid off 38 employees, out of which 35 employees were let go due to non-compliance with the company’s regulations, while 3 employees were involved in misconduct related to caste discrimination. These employees were not adhering to the proper utilization of authority, conflicts of interest, and contract management agreements. After conducting an investigation into these complaints, Tata Steel has taken action against the employees.

Zero Tolerance: Taking a Firm Stand Against Sexual Harassment Complaints

“Chandrasekhar was informed during the annual meeting of Tata Steel shareholders that the company has engaged with several companies and initiated an open culture campaign over the past few years. Employees are free to express their opinions, discuss the national strike related to the violation of company rules, and share their concerns within the company. We are committed to creating a favorable environment to address their issues. As a result, the number of complaints has increased. In the previous fiscal year, we received 875 complaints, out of which 158 were related to whistleblowers, 48 were related to safety, and 669 were related to HR and conduct. The company has taken appropriate measures to address these complaints.”


Tata Steel has laid off 38 employees, causing concern among the workforce. Three employees were terminated due to caste discrimination. The company’s downsizing is a result of recent acquisitions. Tata Group promotes an open culture but has seen an increase in complaints, with 875 received in the previous fiscal year. Measures have been taken to address these issues and ensure a positive work environment.

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