Female CEO Arrested: Taxi Driver Uses Google Maps And Navigate to Police Station

Suchana Seth, the CEO of a Bengaluru-based startup, was seen leaving a hotel in Goa with a red trolley bag, which, contained the lifeless body of his son. The incident led to a massive traffic jam lasting four hours at the Goa-Karnataka border.

Taxi Driver Reveals Details of the Mysterious Ride to Karnataka

The taxi driver, identified as Royjon D’Souza from North Goa, shared details of the ride with the media. He stated that he received a call from the hotel receptionist on January 7 at 11 pm, requesting a trip to Bengaluru. The fixed rent for the journey was Rs 30,000.

According to the driver, he arrived at the hotel with a companion at 12.30 am, where the notification informed them of urgent work. Subsequently, they left for Bengaluru that night.

Unusual Instructions and a Long Wait at the Goa-Karnataka Border

The notification insisted on taking a taxi regardless of the time it would take. This led to a four-hour wait at the Goa-Karnataka border. Despite the driver offering to drop the informant at the Goa airport, the instruction was firm about taking a taxi.

The driver found the instruction challenging, especially considering the urgency mentioned for reaching Bengaluru. The notification remained silent during the journey and only requested water once.

Language Barrier in Driver-Police Communication Creates Confusion

On January 8 at 11 am, the taxi driver received a call from a police inspector in Calangute, Goa, who spoke to him in Konkani. The police inquired about the informant’s presence and shared details of the incident, but the notification couldn’t understand the conversation due to the language barrier.

The informant informed the police that her son was with a relative in Goa, but the provided address was incorrect. The police instructed the taxi driver to go to the nearest police station immediately.

A Search for the Police Station in Karnataka

While on the expressway, the driver struggled to find the nearest police station as all signboards were in Kannada. Using Google Maps, he located a police station 150 km away. However, he eventually reached Chitradurg district and found the Aymangala Police Station only 500 meters away.

The taxi driver kept the Goa police on the line until he reached the police station. Upon arrival, the informant questioned why the car had stopped, and the driver, making an excuse, handed the phone to the Aymangala police station in-charge. Subsequently, the police discovered the lifeless body of the informant’s son in the baggage.

Decided to get divorced after 12 years of marriage

According to the police, Suchana is originally from West Bengal. She lived in Bengaluru. While Venkataraman is a resident of Kerala. Both got married in 2010. Venkataraman is an AI developer. In 2019, Notishti gave birth to a son.

However, from 2020, a dispute started between Suchana and her husband. After this both filed for divorce in 2022. The court ordered that the husband of the informant can visit her child every Sunday. Notification did not want her husband to meet her son. The police suspect that the notification may have killed her son for the same reason.

The notification also accused her husband of domestic violence in August 2023. She said- My husband physically abuses me and my son. The notification claimed that her husband’s annual income is more than Rs 1 crore. So demanded Rs 2.5 lakh per month as maintenance allowance from her husband.

Venkat had spoken to his son before the murder

At the time of the incident, Venkataraman, the husband of the informant, was in Jakarta (Indonesia). Media reports are claiming that on January 7, Venkat spoke to his child on a video call. After this instruction killed the son.

On January 9, Venkat came to Chitradurg in Karnataka on a call from the Goa police. Postmortem of the son’s body was done after his consent. Venkatraman arrived in Bengaluru from Chitradurga with his son’s body on Wednesday (January 10). The last rites were performed at Harishchandra Ghat in Bengaluru.

According to information notification Seth’s LinkedIn profile included in the 100 Talented Women in Notification

AI Ethics List , she is an artificial intelligence ethics expert and data scientist. He has 12 years of experience working in data science and AI.

Suchana was included in the AI ​​Ethics List of 100 Talented Women in the year 2021. Apart from this, she has been a Mozilla Fellow in Data and Society, a Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center and a Research Fellow at the Raman Research Institute.

According to the website of the consultancy company The Mindful AI Lab, the company specializes in AI ethics, development and scaling of machine learning systems. The company understands the data science project life cycle and the challenges of deploying AI systems in the real world.

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