9-Year-Old Kidnap Victim Murdered in Maharashtra: Accused Dumped Body Behind Home for Money, Arrested

In Thane, Maharashtra, a neighbor kidnapped a 9-year-old boy and murdered him. According to police sources, the suspect needed money to build a house and kidnapped the son of a businessman who lived in the same area for ransom. Subsequently, the boy’s father demanded a ransom of 23 lakh rupees. However, fearing arrest, he killed the boy and dumped the body behind the house. The police have seized the body and arrested the suspect Salman.

Kidnapping Incident During Return from Mosque

Police reported that a 9-year-old Ibadd was kidnapped in Badlapur’s Goregaon while returning home after evening prayers at the mosque. When Ibadd didn’t return home, his family began searching for him. Meanwhile, Ibadd’s father, Muddasir, received a call from the kidnappers demanding 23 lakh rupees in exchange for his son’s release. The phone was then switched off.

Suspect Traced through Mobile Location

Ibadd’s father informed the police, and soon the news of his disappearance spread throughout the village. The police, along with villagers, searched for Ibadd. Later, the kidnappers changed the SIM card in their mobile phone and attempted to make a call. Consequently, the police were able to trace the suspect’s location.

Arrest Made in the Same Village

The police searched the house of a youth named Salman Maulvi living in the same village. During the search, they found the body of the kidnapped boy behind the house. In this case, the police have arrested Salman along with five others, including Safiyan. The investigation is ongoing, and an FIR has been filed, with Salman being the prime suspect.

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