Acid Attack Near ‘Gorwa Bapu’ Dargah: 5 Arrested for Assaulting 2 Cows

Five Muslim minors were involved in a disturbing incident near Gorwa Bapu’s dargah, where they surrounded two cows and threw acid on them with the intent to kill. Gorwa police swiftly registered a case against the perpetrators, initiating action for hurting the sentiments of Hinduism. While one cow is in critical condition, the other remains stable. All five minors involved have been placed in juvenile detention.

Intentional Acid Attack: Disturbing Details Unfold

The five minors carried acid with them and targeted a cow walking on the road, intending to inflict fatal harm. Amidst the chaos, with cows running in panic, the incident caught the attention of passersby, leading to the intervention of Gorwa police.

Legal Action Taken: Charges Filed Against Minors

Gorwa police formally charged all five minors under relevant sections of the law, addressing the act as an assault on Hindu religious sentiments through the intentional use of acid to harm or kill the cows. Subsequently, the minors were remanded to juvenile detention at Balsadhar Home.

Investigation Reveals Disturbing Details

During interrogation, the minors admitted to obtaining acid from a vehicle while on the road. They confessed to accidentally spilling some acid on the road and deliberately targeting the cows ahead with the substance. The police proceeded with legal action against the minors involved in the procurement and use of acid in the heinous act.

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