Ahmedabad Cleanup: 19 Shops Sealed, Illegal Structures Demolished in Vatwa

In a proactive move to uphold cleanliness standards, the municipal corporation has initiated stringent actions against individuals engaging in littering, improper waste disposal, and the use, sale, manufacture, and storage of prohibited plastic items within the city. The recent enforcement activities were conducted by the Solid Waste Management Department of the East Zone, resulting in the identification and sealing of 17 establishments for violating public hygiene norms.

A focused inspection led the municipal team to Kuldevi Disposable House near Amraiwadi Metro Pillar No-112, where the unauthorized sale of banned plastic and paper cups was reported. Subsequent to a thorough raid, authorities successfully confiscated 340 kg of banned plastic from the premises, highlighting the seriousness with which the municipal corporation is addressing environmental concerns and illegal activities.

5 kg of banned plastic was seized.

5 kg of Banned Plastic Seized in North-West Zone

In a proactive move to curb the production and usage of banned plastic, the municipal authorities conducted thorough inspections in the Gota and Thaltej areas of the North-West zone. The focused efforts resulted in the identification of 134 establishments involved in the production of filth and banned plastic, with consequential measures taken against offenders.

During the inspection, authorities sealed two shops in the North-West zone for littering on public roads, emphasizing the municipality’s commitment to maintaining the cleanliness and aesthetic appeal of public spaces.

In the course of these operations, a substantial quantity of 5 kg of banned plastic was successfully seized. The confiscation not only serves as a deterrent against the illegal use and production of environmentally harmful materials but also contributes to the broader goal of environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, as a consequence of these actions, a total fine of Rs. 1.48 lakhs was collected from the identified establishments. This financial penalty aims to dissuade businesses from engaging in activities that violate established regulations and guidelines, promoting a sense of responsibility among the commercial entities operating in the area.

1550 Sqm Illegal Commercial Construction Demolished

Municipal Corporation Dismantles 1550 Sqm of Illegal Commercial Construction in South Zone

In response to a surge in unauthorized constructions within the South Zone area, the Municipal Corporation’s Estates Department has taken decisive action to address the issue. Notably, a substantial illegal construction, comprising both residential and commercial structures near the dargah in Vatwa, prompted immediate intervention. Today, the Estates Department team successfully demolished a total of 3910 structures as part of their ongoing efforts to restore adherence to urban planning regulations.

Specifically, a noteworthy instance involved the demolition of an illegal commercial construction measuring 1550 square meters in Golden Park, situated behind a hotel in the Narol area. The strategic removal of such unauthorized structures underscores the municipality’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of urban planning and ensuring a safe and regulated environment for its residents.

The demolition process, executed by the Estates Department team, reflects the municipality’s dedication to upholding legal frameworks and urban planning guidelines. Such actions not only rectify the immediate issue of unauthorized construction but also serve as a deterrent against future violations, contributing to the overall enhancement of the city’s structural integrity.

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