Palestine Supporter Pushes 16 Policemen, Jumps 7-Foot Fence at Stadium – Harsh Sanghvi Calls for Report

In the 2023 Cricket World Cup final held in Ahmedabad, Australia secured their sixth title by defeating India. The match, which took place in Ahmedabad, saw Australia winning the toss and opting to bowl first. Contributing to India’s total of 240 runs, Virat Kohli and KL Rahul played significant innings. However, Australia’s Travis Head delivered a remarkable performance, scoring 137 runs off 120 balls, leading his team to victory. Australia comfortably secured the win with 42 balls remaining, thanks to Head’s outstanding innings and their efficient bowling, taking six wickets.

Viral Photo of Mitchell Marsh Celebrating World Cup Trophy Touch

A photo of Australian cricketer Mitchell Marsh casually resting his legs on the World Cup trophy went viral on social media. Initially shared by Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, on Instagram, the photo gained widespread attention. However, the image sparked controversy, with internet users trolling Marsh for his seemingly disrespectful pose, undermining the significance of the trophy.

Marsh Claims Trophy, Ignites Social Media Storm

After Australia’s victory in the World Cup, Mitchell Marsh, with his feet on the trophy, displayed a laid-back celebration that stirred up a social media storm. Following the trophy ceremony, held on November 19 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, where the Australian team stayed, Marsh posed with both feet on the trophy and proudly displayed his gold medal. The viral image led to online trolling and criticism for what was perceived as a lack of respect for the prestigious trophy.

Security Lapse at Narendra Modi Stadium During World Cup Final

During the World Cup final at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, a significant security lapse occurred. A Palestinian supporter managed to reach Virat Kohli on the pitch, causing a security concern. Subsequently, security personnel swiftly escorted the individual out of the stadium, and the incident was noted by the Chandkheda Police Station. The situation raised questions about the effectiveness of security arrangements at the venue.

Meeting with Ahmedabad CP and Investigation Initiated

Harsh Sanghavi, along with Ahmedabad Police Commissioner, held a meeting to discuss the incident. The focus was on the intrusion of a Palestinian supporter onto the field and how security measures could be improved. The Ahmedabad city police responded by tightening security, especially around the players and officials.

Complaint Filed with Crime Branch Regarding Security Lapse

A complaint has been filed with the Crime Branch by PSI T. R. Akbari regarding the security lapse during the World Cup final at Narendra Modi Stadium. He mentioned that at 9 AM, he was present in the vicinity of the stadium, and various police officers, including PSI Akbari and 16 other staff members, were assigned to different ranks and positions. The filed complaint draws attention to the breach of security when a foreigner jumped over the railing and reached the pitch, raising concerns about the safety of the players.

Virat Kohli’s Gesture at Narendra Modi Stadium

During the World Cup final, a 24-year-old Australian citizen, identified as Wren Johnson, managed to enter the stadium wearing an Indian T-shirt and tried to run onto the field. After being stopped by the ground staff, he displayed a placard expressing support for Palestine and wearing a T-shirt with a message. Later, security agencies took him into custody, and a comprehensive investigation has been initiated by the Ahmedabad Crime Branch.

Investigation Launched into Wren Johnson Incident at Narendra Modi Stadium

In response to the Wren Johnson incident at Narendra Modi Stadium, the Ahmedabad Crime Branch has initiated an investigation. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Chaitanya Mandalik, confirmed that a comprehensive probe into the entire case has been handed over to the Ahmedabad Crime Branch. The investigation aims to address the security breach and gather details from various perspectives.

Virat Kohli Extends Handshake, Creating Controversy

In a surprising turn of events, Virat Kohli extended a handshake to Wren Johnson, the Australian who breached security and entered the field during the World Cup final. This incident occurred during the 14th over of the Indian innings. After the handshake, Johnson displayed a Palestinian flag, and security agencies promptly took him into custody. The incident has raised questions about the security protocols in place during international matches.

Ahmedabad Crime Branch Conducts Thorough Investigation into Stadium Incident

The Ahmedabad Crime Branch is conducting a detailed investigation into the entire incident involving Wren Johnson entering Narendra Modi Stadium during the World Cup final. The investigation is focused on understanding how the security breach occurred and ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to prevent such incidents in the future. Deputy Commissioner Chaitanya Mandalik emphasized the importance of a thorough examination to address all aspects of the case.

This Policeman was Present When the Youth Entered the Field

  • PSI TR Akbari (Kalupur Police Station)
  • ASI Ranchodbhai Khodbhai (B.No.9156)
  • UPC Rameshbhai Kishanbhai (B.No.8699)
  • UPC Ajithkumar Samubhai (B.No.10178)
  • UPC Maheshkumar Gopalbhai B.No. 5259 (All four jobs Company Head Quarters Shahibaug Ahmedabad)
  • PC Vijaybhai Kalabhai (B.No. 5900)
  • PC Kapil Yogeshbhai (B.No.5231)
  • LRD Nitesh Kumar Jeevanji (B.No.6595, All three jobs Madhavpura Police Station, Ahmedabad)
  • PC Dharmendra Singh Bhupendra Singh (B.No.512)
  • PC Bakuleskumar Sabatsingh (B.No.929, Both Job Santrampur Post Station)
  • UAS 1 Ravinaben Sukabhai (B.No.530)
  • APC Bharatbhai Ranabhai (B.No.358)
  • UPC Hirenkumar Rameshbhai (B.No.847, All Three Jobs Lunawada Po. Station)
  • WPC Shilpaben Amartalal (B.No.4047)
  • WPC Sonalben Ratnabhai (B.No.10764)
  • WPC Nitaba Rajendrasinh (B.No. 10737, All three jobs Shahpur Police Station Ahmedabad)

Questions Arise on Palestinian Supporter’s Attire during Australia-India Match

Amidst various questions emerging, one particularly stands out: how did a Palestinian flag-adorned ‘Free Palestine’ T-shirt find its way into the Australia-India match? Queries have surfaced about an individual who, upon entering the stadium in one shirt, switched to another reading ‘Free Palestine’ when entering the field. The shirt prominently displays ‘Stop Bombing Palestine’ on its front. Questions also arise about the youth seen behind Virat Kohli and what information is known about him.

CP Ensures Robust Security Ahead of Commissioner’s Visit

During a media interaction on the eve of the match, Ahmedabad Police Commissioner G.S. Malik assured that the police force has made all necessary preparations. Inside the stadium, over 3,000 police personnel are stationed, including 2 NDRF teams, 10 bomb squads, and units specializing in chemical, biological, and nuclear detection. External security is also heavily fortified with 3,000 personnel deployed outside the stadium, ensuring a comprehensive security arrangement amid concerns of significant crowds during the match.

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