New Year’s Eve Fire: 19 Vehicles Burn in Udhana – 3 Arrested for Cigarette-sparked Petrol Theft

On the night of New Year’s Eve, a distressing incident unfolded at Aksharkunj apartment near Udhana Tarankund in Surat, where a fire consumed as many as 19 parked vehicles. The Udhana police, leveraging CCTV footage, successfully cracked the case, leading to the apprehension of three suspects, including a minor.

The incident, which occurred on November 13, resulted in substantial losses, with 19 motorcycles and 20 electric meters, along with associated wiring belonging to the DGVCL company, incurring a combined damage of Rs 5.84 lakh. Following a meticulous investigation by the Udhana police, it was revealed that the trio was involved in the unauthorized siphoning of petrol from vehicles parked beneath the apartment during the night.

Significantly, the fire that ensued was traced back to a spark from a cigarette held by one of the individuals engaged in the illicit activity. The revelation underscores the potential dangers associated with negligent handling of flammable substances, highlighting the importance of adhering to safety protocols.

Resolution of New Year’s Night Fire Incident at Aksharkunj Apartment, Udhana, Surat

On the night of New Year’s Eve, a significant development unfolded at Aksharkunj apartment, situated adjacent to Udhana Tarankund in Surat, resolving the aftermath of the fire that occurred on November 13, 2023. The incident transpired at 3:30 pm in the parking lot of Section-A of the apartment complex, resulting in substantial damages.

The fire, which erupted for reasons yet to be disclosed, led to a total loss amounting to 5.84 lakhs. Nineteen motorcycles and 19 meters, including a three-phase meter and additional wiring belonging to the DGVCL company, were engulfed in the flames.

Promptly responding to the incident, the Udhana police initiated a comprehensive investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the fire. Through diligent efforts and meticulous inquiry, the police have made progress in resolving the case, marking a significant development in determining the root cause of the New Year night’s fire.

Comprehensive Vehicle Loss in New Year’s Day Fire Prompts Police Investigation

In the recent New Year’s Day fire incident, all vehicles involved were completely consumed by the flames. Initially attributed to fireworks, a preliminary investigation revealed a deliberate act as evidenced by CCTV footage obtained during the police inquiry. Acting on a complaint, the Udhana Police initiated an investigation to unravel the details surrounding the fire incident beneath Akshar Kunj apartment.

The widespread vehicular destruction underscores the severity of the incident, prompting heightened scrutiny into the circumstances leading to the fire. Contrary to initial suspicions of firecrackers, the emerging evidence from CCTV footage suggests intentional actions by unidentified individuals.

In response to the received complaint, the Udhana Police are diligently pursuing the investigation to determine the motivations and identities of those responsible for igniting the fire. This development emphasizes the importance of thorough investigations in uncovering the truth behind such incidents and holding accountable those who engage in malicious activities that pose a threat to public safety and property.

Arrest of accused.

Extensive CCTV Examination Yields Suspects in New Year’s Day Fire Investigation

In the ongoing investigation into the New Year’s Day fire incident, the Udhana Police undertook a thorough examination of more than 42 CCTV cameras. The meticulous review of surveillance footage unveiled several suspects involved in the incident. Notably, the movement of an individual identified as J Isamo raised suspicions, prompting the swift deployment of multiple police teams.

Acting on the leads derived from the CCTV footage, the Udhana Police registered a case against Ayush Kuswaha, Urvesh, and a minor in connection with the fire incident. Subsequently, law enforcement authorities apprehended the mentioned individuals, underscoring the effectiveness of the investigative process in identifying and swiftly addressing potential threats to public safety.

Statement by ACP Chirag Patel on New Year’s Day Fire Investigation

ACP Chirag Patel provided insights into the investigation, revealing that the Udhana Police conducted thorough interrogations of the three accused individuals. Subsequent inquiries unveiled that, on New Year’s Day, the trio was engaged in the illicit act of stealing petrol from vehicles parked beneath the Aksharkunj apartment. In the course of this activity, one of the accused was in possession of a lit cigarette.

Chirag Patel, ACP.

The critical turn of events occurred when the burning cigarette unexpectedly ignited, leading to a spark that rapidly escalated into a fierce fire. The conflagration not only engulfed the vehicles positioned below but also resulted in the damaging of a flat on the first floor due to the rapid spread of flames.

The detailed interrogation process conducted by the Udhana Police played a pivotal role in uncovering the sequence of events that culminated in the unfortunate incident. The revelation reinforces the potential hazards associated with unauthorized activities involving combustible materials and emphasizes the need for heightened awareness and adherence to safety protocols.

Police Investigation Unveils Serious Implications of Negligence and Petrol Theft

Subsequent to the initial findings, the police conducted a comprehensive investigation into the incident, revealing that the negligence of the accused and the theft of petrol were significant contributing factors to the unfortunate occurrence. Law enforcement authorities took a grave view of the matter, acknowledging its serious nature.

Based on meticulous scrutiny of CCTV footage, the police successfully apprehended three suspects, resolving the case promptly. Notably, the investigation brought to light additional legal complications for one of the accused, Ayush Kushwaha, with two cases registered against him in Udhana and one at the Umra police station.

The current status involves the apprehension of the three accused individuals, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing investigation. The Udhana Police are actively engaged in further inquiry to gain deeper insights into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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