Violent Clashes Erupt in Ahmedabad Over Temple Renovation Pamphlet: One Fatality, Seven Injured in Vastrapur Stone Pelting Incident

A stone pelting incident occurred between two groups over publishing names in a magazine for the renovation of a temple in Vasna area of Ahmedabad. During the clash, an elderly person lost his life, while seven others were injured. The police reached the scene of the incident, and the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment. The police have started their investigation both at the scene and at the hospital. They have taken note of the death of the elderly person and the stone-pelting incident for further investigation.

The stone-pelting incident occurred between two groups over the publication of names in a magazine for the renovation of a temple, as informed by Zone 1 DCP Safin Hasan. Internal tension had been ongoing for some time due to this issue. Today, the situation escalated further, resulting in stone pelting between the two groups. Sadly, a woman lost her life in the violence. Investigations are currently underway by the police. They are documenting the entire case and will take further action accordingly.

A temple renovation event in Vasna, Bharwadvas, has led to a conflict between two groups. The dispute arose over the publication of names in a magazine for the event. Today, the situation escalated drastically, resulting in stone-pelting incidents between the two groups. Seven people have been injured in these stone-pelting incidents. Sadly, a 70-year-old woman named Neviben Mevada has lost her life in the violence.

At the scene of the incident, rapid police deployment was arranged. Upon investigation, a large police contingent, including Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), and Police Inspector (PI), arrived at the scene. The police have cleared the area of civilians and have set up a police cordon at the incident site. Subsequently, the injured individuals have been taken to the Sanjeevani Hospital in Vasna for medical treatment. As a precautionary measure, the police have also cleared the hospital premises of large crowds. Currently, the entire case is under police investigation, and recommendations are being made to register the case officially. The body of the deceased woman has been sent for post-mortem examination.

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