Traditional Mohanthal Preparation with Randomly Selected Ghee at Ambaji Temple’s Bhadarvi Poonam Festival

In the pilgrimage destination of Ambaji, Mohini Caterers Agency’s ghee samples have failed. The Food Department had taken samples of ghee from Ambaji, which have now been found to be failing the test. Before the Bhadarvi Poonam, the Food Department had tested 180 ghee containers. At that time, ghee samples were sent for testing. After the reports came in, these samples have been deemed as failed.

Mohini Caterers in Ambaji prepares the prasad of Mohanthal, which includes the use of ghee. At that time, the Food Department had taken samples of ghee containers, and the report has now confirmed their failure. In the last 7 days of the grand fair, 4.61 lakh people experienced the blessings of Mataji, contributing to a revenue of 4.61 crore for the temple.

The use of adulterated ghee has come to light in the making of Mohanthal, a prasad at the Ambaji Temple. Samples taken by the Food and Drugs Department have revealed the presence of buffalo fat in the ghee samples. Instead of pure ghee, buffalo fat has been used in the preparation of Mohanthal at the designated place for pure ghee.

The testing of ghee samples for Mohanthal resulted in the failure of 200 containers, each containing 15 kilograms of ghee, by the Food and Drugs Department. The District Collector has also blacklisted the contractor responsible for making prasad at the temple.

The Food Department had Conducted testing on 180 Containers of Ghee Prior to the Bhadarvi Poonam festival.

Samples of ghee taken from Ambaji Temple have now been found to have failed the test. The Food Department had taken samples of ghee from Mohini Caterers, the ones responsible for preparing prasad at Ambaji Temple. At that time, they had tested 180 containers of ghee. These ghee samples were sent for testing, and they have been confirmed to have failed.

The number of Devotees visiting Ambaji Fair and the Trust’s Revenue.

DateNumber of PilgrimsGold Donation (grams)Revenue (Counters, Donations, Vehicles)Prasad RevenueTotal Revenue
23/09/20232,75,0006 grams18,00,00020,99,00039,00,000
24/09/20234,68,0005 grams19,10,00045,47,00064,57,000
25/09/20235,88,0005 grams37,00,00077,32,0001,14,00,000
26/09/20237,00,0000 grams38,55,00087,90,0001,26,00,000
27/09/202310,12,0000 grams40,86,00083,37,0001,24,00,000
28/09/20238,89,000200 grams36,21,00065,26,0001,01,00,000
29/09/20236,18,000304 grams38,10,00081,46,0001,19,00,000
Total45,54,000520 grams2,27,00,0004,61,00,0006,89,00,000

On August 28th, a Sample was taken, and it has now been found to be failed.

Mohini Caterers at the Ambaji Temple prepares prasad, including Mohanthal, and uses a significant amount of ghee for this purpose. A total of 3000 kilograms of ghee was used in preparing prasad, which means each container, containing 15 kilograms of ghee, was tested and found to have failed in laboratory testing. The Collector of Banaskantha District had announced that during the Bhadarvi Poonam fair, a large quantity of prasad is prepared, and therefore, a substantial amount of ghee is used for this purpose. The Food and Drug Department had taken a sample of ghee on August 28th, which has now been found to be failed. The entire batch was sealed, and none of this ghee was used. Subsequently, arrangements for ghee were made with Saras Dairy, adhering to strict quality standards. It’s worth mentioning that any ghee used during the entire fair, including items made from it, is of high quality. As per the regulations, the Food and Drug Department will take appropriate action regarding this batch. This batch was labeled as Amul Dairy. Reports on additional samples taken on the 15th of the month are yet to be received.

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