No Punishment for American Who Laughed at Indian’s Death: No Evidence Against Police Officer

In Seattle, the police authorities will not be held accountable for the death of Indian student Jhanvi Kamdulan. There will be no punishment for them. Officials state that no evidence has been found against the police officers.

On January 24, 2023, Jhanvi Kamdulan died after being hit by a police patrol car. Following the incident, a video and audio recording of the investigating police officer, Daniel Orderer, surfaced, where he was seen making light-hearted remarks about her death.

According to BBC reports, the investigation conducted by the police authorities revealed that the value of Jhanvi Kamdulan’s life was considered limited. It is expected that an internal check will be conducted to address the matter.

The bodycam was on, so the conversation was recorded.

When the police officer was joking about the student’s death, his bodycam, which was activated, recorded everything. Due to this, all the conversations were recorded. It captured him saying that the bodycam was on. As a result, all the conversations were recorded. It is heard that the girl did not jump 40 feet accidentally but was meeting her death.

Later, the police officer burst into laughter loudly. Then he said – she was just a regular person. A check of 11,000 dollars (9 lakhs) will fix it. At that time, the police officer laughed and said that she was only 26 years old. Her limited value was apparent.

The revelation about the incident came 8 months later.

In January 2023, Jhanvi’s death occurred. In September 2023, the Seattle police disclosed that there had been a joke about her death. It was revealed that an employee of the department had recorded audio from the body cam for a routine inspection. The comment made by the employee about Jhanvi was deemed offensive, and they reported it to their seniors.

Following this, an investigation was initiated against Officer Denial Orderer for making the joke. The case was started, and according to the filed reports in court, the police officer had administered CPR to the student as well.

The accused police officer stated that his words were taken out of context.

According to the BBC, the police officer completely denied the allegations leveled against him. He claimed that he was merely mimicking the city attorney. Those who exhibit leniency in such cases during sentencing.

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