Andhapakand: Can Not Survive Without Eye, Spouse Caring Amid Respiratory Ailments

On January 10th, 29 eye surgeries were performed at the Ramnand Trust Hospital in the Mandal taluka of Ahmedabad district. Seventeen patients, whose vision was impaired, were subsequently referred to the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad for further treatment. The pain and distress experienced by these patients were evident as they sought relief at the Civil Hospital, expressing their anguish.

My Mother’s Eye Lost Vision

Eighty-five-year-old Shantaben’s son, Ratthod, shared the distressing news that his mother had lost vision in one eye after undergoing an operation. With the responsibility of taking care of his mother, Ratthod emphasized the challenges faced in managing household chores. The situation became even more complicated as no improvement was observed despite 15 days passing. Ratthod pleaded for help, fearing that his mother might lose vision in the other eye as well.

No Hope for Regaining Eyesight

Govindbhai Solanki reported that his wife, Manekben, underwent an eye operation at the Mandal Hospital on January 10th. Despite a follow-up visit on January 13th, five patients were referred to Ahmedabad for further treatment. The remaining 12 patients continued their treatment locally. Manekben’s treatment for eye pain, water extraction, and reducing swelling is ongoing. There seems to be no possibility of vision improvement.

Our Situation is Deteriorating

Bhavnaben, daughter of Nathiben, lamented the deteriorating condition of her mother. Although an operation was performed on her mother’s eye, there has been no improvement in her vision. Bhavnaben, part of a family of 7-8 members, shared the challenges they face with her mother’s health as the focal point. Their daily life revolves around work in the kitchen and fields, and Bhavnaben expressed her concern for her mother’s worsening condition.

Fear of Losing Eyesight Forever

The ongoing medical care for 17 patients at the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad has brought some relief and satisfaction to them and their families. The loss of eyesight, especially for some family members, raises concerns about the overall quality of life. For some families, the fear of losing eyesight completely affects every aspect of life, even the simplest tasks. However, the medical staff at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital is making consistent efforts to restore their eyesight.

Constant Fear of Losing Eyesight for Rosha (50-Year-Old Rajiben’s Struggle)

Rajiben Thakor, a 50-year-old victim of the Andhapa Kand, and her family have experienced financial hardship. Rajiben and her daughters used to work as helpers in the kitchen during any programs organized by the Ramnand Trust. Rajiben has been suffering from continuous headaches, dizziness, and visual disturbances for a long time. After being told that she could receive treatment at the Ramnand Trust Hospital, Rajiben visited for a check-up. During the examination, it was revealed that she had cataracts in both eyes, and surgery was required. She underwent surgery on her right eye the next day, and her left eye will be operated on after ten days. Despite the surgery, there is constant fear that the vision in her right eye may not be fully restored.

Foundation Pillar Shattered Due to Loss of Eyesight

The situation of Rajiben has given rise to the creation of a foundation pillar. Rajiben belongs to the Mool Mandal, and her family consists of a total of seven members. Due to her husband’s illness for the past 10-12 years, Rajiben could not work. Consequently, Rajiben had been sustaining her family through hard work and labor for many years. Her two daughters also contributed to support the family. Due to Rajiben’s loss of eyesight, a crucial foundation pillar supporting the family’s livelihood has shattered. Consequently, her family is deeply concerned.

Livelihood Sustained Through Sanitation Work

This was initially Rajiben’s story, but 16 other families of patients share a similarly severe situation. Among them is Nathiben Babubhai Valmiki, the sole breadwinner in her family. Nathiben used to work in sanitation in the Dasaada taluka of Surendranagar district. Living just a short distance from her village, she supported her family by working in sanitation and by receiving contributions from villagers. However, due to her husband’s respiratory issues, she can no longer engage in sanitation work, causing significant distress to the family.

No News About Two Daughters

Nathiben Valmiki has daughters, a son-in-law, and grandchildren in her family. However, her daughters and son-in-law no longer reside in the village. They moved to Ahmedabad city years ago. Even during the last fortnight, none of her daughters or son-in-law came to visit, whether for physical support or to alleviate the mental stress of Nathiben’s mother.

Still Bleeding from the Eyes

This is not just Rajiben’s fate; 80-85-year-old Shantaben Rathod, residing in the village of Sitapur with her son, is also in a similar situation. Shantaben, who underwent an operation for cataracts, still experiences bleeding from one eye, and there is no possibility of recovering vision. This has led her son, the only earning member, to continue supporting the family.

Common Relief for Three Patients

A team from Ahmedabad Civil Hospital conducted screenings for 17 people simultaneously infected. While other patients were referred for operations at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital and Mandal, three patients were deemed fit for relief and were provided with leave.

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