Young Surat Teenager Assaulted and Humiliated in Aurangabad Madrasa: Shocking Video Emerges

A 16-year-old boy from the Bhujistan area of Surat, Maharashtra, went to Aurangabad’s Madarsa to become an Alim (Islamic scholar). He was seen being beaten by other students in a video that surfaced. There were concerns about possible Taliban-style punishment being meted out. The boy’s father revealed that the video was sent to them by an acquaintance who suspected foul play. Following the incident, appropriate action should be taken to ensure such incidents do not recur, especially involving other children.

The video depicts a teenage boy being partially stripped and made to lie on the ground in a field. Subsequently, one after another, several younger individuals repeatedly slap him on the head and then on the back. As a result, the teenager remains crouched, seemingly in distress, and repeatedly tries to shield himself, but there appears to be no intervention to protect him.

It was reported that in Madrasa, located about 25 kilometers from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, a 16-year-old boy, presumed to be the narrator’s nephew, was subjected to punishment to become an Alim. The narrator stated that they came across a video on their mobile phone last Sunday, which deeply disturbed them. In the video, the narrator’s son was seen being stripped and then repeatedly beaten by 10 people, one after another, in quick succession, as part of a punishment presumably inflicted by the Talibani school authorities.

The police informed us that we should go to the Madrasa to bring back our son. It was revealed that while our son was crying on one side, there was no one to protect him on the other side. After watching the video, we immediately searched for the local police station’s contact number and informed them about the incident. The police assured us not to worry about our son’s safety. We were instructed to come to the Madrasa to take our son back with us.

It was mentioned that the teacher had made a mistake, so we were asked to come and take our nephew. It was also stated over the phone that the teacher had made an error, so we were informed that we should come to take our nephew back because we did not want him to face any trouble. Subsequently, we immediately went to the Madrasa in Khuldabad, where we met with the trustees. The trustees informed us that the teacher, who was suspected of theft, had been beaten due to suspicions of theft, and they had taken action against him.

The police officers listened to our complaint and the appropriate authorities promptly recorded our complaint. We have also taken action to ensure that such incidents do not occur with other children in the Madrasa.

Niyati Rao

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