Bank Manager Murdered While Transporting 1.17 Crore Cash to Dahod Branch, Car Set Ablaze

In Mahisagar district, a shocking incident has unfolded where a bank manager was murdered and robbed. The victim, Vishal Patil, who served as a manager in the ICICI Bank in Balasinor, was brutally killed during a robbery, resulting in a theft of 1 crore and 17 lakh rupees.

Manager’s Murder and Robbery Unfolded

On the Lunavad Satarampura Highway Road near Godhar village, an abandoned car was discovered under suspicious circumstances recently. It is suspected that this car was set on fire during the night in connection to the ICICI Bank manager, Vishal Patil, who was working as a manager in the Balasinor branch. Such speculations were raised during the investigation. Besides the burned car, a briefcase was also found at the scene, suggesting that a significant incident had taken place. Currently, the investigation is ongoing, and the situation is tense after the discovery of the dead body of manager Vishal Patil.

Body of Manager Found at Abandoned Site

In Godhar village, near the Lunavad Satarampura Highway Road, an incident took place involving a burnt car, which is believed to be related to the murder and robbery of ICICI Bank manager Vishal Patil. According to information provided by the police, they were in the process of transferring 1 crore and 17 lakh rupees from the bank’s branch in Balasinor to the Dahod branch. Their vehicle was intercepted around 11 PM in the vicinity of Godhar’s border. Upon learning about the incident, the regional manager also rushed to the scene. Manager Patil had left with 1 crore and 17 lakh rupees in cash. As no one was aware of the details, the police are currently conducting an investigation. The manager’s body was discovered on the road leading to Kadana, and the investigation is ongoing. As suspicions arise, the police are also questioning locals based on the available information.

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