Bengaluru Blast Suspect: Ordered Rava Idli, Placed Bag, Blast After an Hour, Will Be Recognized By AI; IED Battery-Timer Found

An individual suspected to be involved in the blast at the prominent Rameshwaram Cafe branch in Brookefield, Bangalore, on Friday afternoon, is expected to be identified with the help of AI technology. According to media reports, state police will utilize AI facial recognition to determine whether the person seen planting the bomb in the bag can be identified. However, the captured footage from CCTV cameras has not yet been made public.

Initial investigations have revealed that the suspect is between 25 to 30 years old. In the CCTV footage, a masked individual was seen disembarking from a nearby bus and heading towards the cafe around 11:30 AM.

This footage is of the accused coming from the bus stop towards the cafe.

Suspect Identified in Bangalore Cafe Blast Case

Following this, the individual places an order for Rava Idli, makes a payment at the counter, and receives a token. Subsequently, at 11:45 AM, the person is seen placing a bag near the dustbin. An hour later, the same bag was detonated by a timer.

There is a picture of the accused inside the cafe, in which he is seen carrying a plate of idlis.

Deputy CM D. Shivakumar stated that the police have successfully identified the suspect. The facial recognition system is being used to match the captured faces from the CCTV footage. Furthermore, efforts are underway to track the suspect down.

This is a video right after the accident, in which people are seen running away.

Latest Updates on Bangalore Blast

  1. A recent video has emerged showing an individual wearing a mask and a white cap heading towards the café. The person is seen carrying a bag.
  2. The police have recovered a timer, batteries, a partially exploded bag, components of an IED, and several ID cards from near the café.
  3. The case related to the Bangalore blast has been registered under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Bangalore Police, Central Crime Branch, NIA, and NSG teams are conducting investigations into the blast.
  4. Following the explosion at the Rameshwaram Cafe branch in Brookfield, a statement was issued stating that they are fully cooperating with the investigation. The incident has deeply saddened them.
  5. A high alert has been declared in Bangalore following the blast. Security and surveillance systems are being strengthened to avert any further untoward incidents.

Explosion in Bangalore: Aftermath and Political Reactions

Following the explosion in a cylinder earlier, the first responders, including the fire brigade and Whitefield Police, reported that the blast occurred within the cylinder. Upon reaching the scene, the café’s glass windows were shattered, and furniture was overturned on the tables.

Subsequently, two BJP MPs expressed concerns and asserted that the blast was indeed a bomb explosion. Around 5:30 PM, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah stated that it was a low-intensity IED blast. A person with a bag was seen at the café, and the explosion occurred shortly after. Nine people have been reported injured in the blast.

Items recovered from the blast site include a battery, a partially exploded bag, and some ID cards. The Home Minister of the state mentioned that the investigation is ongoing, emphasizing that it was not a cylinder explosion. The police are awaiting forensic reports for further insights into the incident.

9 people were injured in the Rameswaram cafe blast in Bengaluru.

CM Appeals Opposition Regarding Blast Incident

The Chief Minister has appealed to the opposition, stating, “In our investigation, it has been found that someone had placed a bag around 12 o’clock, injuring 8 people. We are scrutinizing CCTV footage. We have found that someone placed a bag there. This is an improvised blast. We should not see this happen and we should ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.”

Additionally, the Chief Minister emphasized that this entire issue should not be politicized. He urged the opposition to cooperate with them on this matter. It was a low-intensity explosion.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Incident:

Sabresh Kundli: “Around 1 o’clock, we heard a loud explosion. Upon reaching the scene, we saw black smoke emanating from all sides. We witnessed 5-6 people injured and rushed them to the nearby hospital.”

Addison: “We were at the café for lunch. At around 1 o’clock, we heard a massive explosion. People were saying it was a cylinder blast. There were around 35-40 people inside. Approximately 4 staff members are among the injured. Suddenly, an ambulance arrived and took the injured to the nearby hospital.”
Security Guard: “I was doing my usual duty outside the café. There were many customers in the hotel. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and fire erupted. Customers inside the hotel panicked.”

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