Sting Operation Backfires: Bopal Fire Brigade Driver Suspended for Attempted Video Recording in Chief Fire Officer’s Office

In a notable incident within the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade, a staff member performing duties crucial for civilian safety has been suspended due to allegations of misconduct. Jitendra Bhadoria, serving as a driver at the newly established Bopal Fire Station in the city, was reported for both complaints and non-compliance with regulations. 

During an interaction in the office of the Chief Fire Officer, Bhadoria was found attempting to surreptitiously record their conversation on a mobile device, seemingly with intentions of conducting a sting operation. Consequently, the Chief Fire Officer took the decision to suspend Bhadoria pending further investigation. 

Such actions underline the department’s commitment to maintaining discipline and professionalism among its personnel, ensuring the trust and effectiveness of their services in safeguarding the community.

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Multiple Complaints of Non-Compliance Lead to Suspension of Ahmedabad Fire Brigade Driver

Chief Fire Officer Jayesh Khadia of the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade disclosed in an interview with Source that Jitendra Bhadoria, a driver stationed at the Bopal Fire Station, has been performing duties for the fire brigade for years. 

However, numerous complaints regarding his non-compliance were received. Fire officers and station officials had filed complaints against him for failing to fulfill his duties. Despite warnings and occasional reprimands, Bhadoria continued to disregard regulations, leading to his suspension for persistent non-compliance.

Lack of Clarity in Assignments Leads to Complaints in Ahmedabad Fire Brigade

Jitendra Bhadoria, a driver in the Ahmedabad Fire Brigade, was transferred to the Chandkheda Fire Station a few months ago from the Bopal Fire Station. Despite being scheduled to transfer back, he was assigned numerous tasks at Chandkheda without actual relocation. 

Bhadoria’s actions of non-compliance and lack of discipline were observed by both the staff and station officers. The absence of clear directives regarding his duties exacerbated the situation. When assigned to a location, he often failed to report back promptly, even after being instructed to do so. 

Several complaints regarding these issues were brought to the attention of the Chief Fire Officer. This lack of clarity in assignments and subsequent non-compliance highlighted systemic issues within the department that need to be addressed promptly.

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Financial Audit Initiated Amidst Internal Disputes in Ahmedabad Fire Brigade

Following a summons by the Chief Fire Officer, staff members were called in for a meeting where Jitendra Bhadoria attempted to record conversations on his mobile phone, arousing suspicion. Upon inspection, it was discovered that Bhadoria possessed five videos on his device. 

Concerned by this breach of protocol, the Chief Fire Officer reported the matter to the commissioner, resulting in Bhadoria’s suspension. Additionally, a financial audit has been initiated in response to ongoing internal disputes and controversies among fire officials and personnel within the brigade. These incidents highlight a need for greater cohesion and accountability within the department to ensure effective operations and maintain public trust.

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