Social Disruption in Shankracharya Math: CCTV Captures Arson Incident, Religious Leaflets Discarded – Bharuch

Today, chaos erupted in the Shankracharya Math, managed by the Dwarka Sharada Peeth, situated near Bharuch’s Navachoki Owara, as an unidentified individual set fire to the premises. At approximately 5:15 in the morning, an unknown suspect poured a flammable substance and ignited a blaze within the Math’s compound. 

The individual, adorned with distinctive attire, fled the scene immediately after the act. In response, a contingent of Bharuch Police has arrived at the temple and initiated a thorough investigation into the matter. Furthermore, footage from CCTV cameras capturing the incident is being meticulously examined by the authorities to aid in the apprehension of the perpetrator.


Incident of Vandalism at Shankracharya Math on the Banks of Bharuch River

Located on the banks of the river in Bharuch, the Shankracharya Math, under the administration of Dwarka Sharada Peeth, stands as a revered institution. Within this complex, one can also find the grand temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev. 

However, this morning, an unknown individual arrived at the premises, initiating a destructive act by setting a fire within the temple compound. This individual, expressing religious fervor through slogans, also scattered leaflets around the temple premises. Subsequently, the perpetrator fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of chaos and concern.

Police Register Case

Police Register Case and Initiate Investigation into Temple Arson

This morning, around 5:00 a.m., an incident occurred at the Shankracharya Math premises, where an arson attempt was made, as reported by the Superintendent of Police. CCTV footage capturing the event has been obtained. 

Upon receiving the message, the police promptly arrived at the scene. Various teams have been formed to commence the investigation. A case has been registered, and the police are now taking necessary steps to apprehend the culprit responsible for the act.

Eyewitness Account: Unidentified Individual Engages in Vandalism at Temple Premises

Swami Muktidanand, residing at the Dwarka Sharada Peeth-administered Math in Bharuch, recounted an alarming incident that unfolded this morning. He mentioned performing the temple rituals around 5:00 a.m. and returning around the same time after conducting rituals in another part of the temple. 

At that moment, he noticed commotion outside, where an individual was causing disturbance. Upon approaching, he attempted to confront the person. Reviewing the CCTV footage later revealed that the individual entered from the backside of the premises, engaged in destructive acts, and set fire to several papers. 

The individual remained silent throughout the incident. Since I have taken charge of managing the Math’s affairs, I have faced several international disputes, potentially linked to this incident.

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