Bus Driver’s Vigilance Saves 20 Passengers from Severe Fire on Vadodara-Karjan Highway

A terrifying fire broke out in a luxury bus carrying 20 passengers early morning near the toll plaza at National Highway-48 from Karjan district. The bus was en route from Pune to Ahmedabad when the fire erupted, endangering the lives of passengers. The blaze spread rapidly, engulfing the entire bus. Notably, amidst the chaos, drivers of vehicles passing by on the highway risked their lives to evacuate their vehicles and save themselves.

Driver Halts Bus on the Side When Smoke Emerges

Near the toll booth on National Highway-48 in Karjan district, a luxury bus heading towards Ahmedabad caught fire. As soon as smoke emerged from the bus, the driver promptly pulled over to the side of the road and evacuated all 20 passengers safely.

Roads Not Blocked Despite Intense Fire

After all passengers had disembarked from the bus, the fire intensified dramatically. The intense heat from the burning bus also affected traffic behavior on the highway. Despite the attempt to manage traffic through the mechanism of toll booths, some drivers risked their lives by maneuvering through the congested lanes beside the blazing bus.

Bus Completely Engulfed in Flames

The fire brigade rushed to control the fire raging inside the luxury bus, which was filled with passengers. The fire had spread uncontrollably, and efforts were made to douse it with water. However, before the fire could be completely contained, the bus was consumed by flames entirely. The Karjan police took action regarding the incident.

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