Mass Cheating Scandal Rocks Saurashtra University: Bihar-Like Development in Jasdan College, Students Engaged in Mobiles, Exam Center Cancelled 5 Years Ago

Recently, a video went viral on social media showing students indulging in theft during an examination at Saurashtra University. These scenes are reminiscent of incidents seen in Bihar. However, it’s concerning that such incidents are now being witnessed in Gujarat as well. The video depicts students openly engaging in theft, conversing with each other, and using their mobile phones during the ongoing examination. It’s reminiscent of a similar incident five years ago when an examination center at Jasdan College was canceled. The resurgence of such incidents raises questions about when the canceled examination center will be reopened.

The hard disk related to the examination is being retrieved. Dr. Nilambari Dave, the Vice Chancellor of Saurashtra University, has been contacted regarding the viral video of the examination. He stated that the matter of examination malpractice, as shown in the video, has been brought to his attention. Three observers have been appointed at the Jasdan College examination center, and tight police arrangements have been made. The students’ hall tickets are being checked, and thereafter, the examination’s hard disk will be retrieved for investigation.

The viral video circulating on social media shows the writing of Jasdan State, M.D. College, and exam time in the reels. It indicates that the incident depicted in the video occurred on the upper bench of the answer sheet of Saurashtra University’s examination bench. Subsequently, during the class, other students notice the answers visible in the hands of those seated there, and these students are seen openly discussing and potentially engaging in exam malpractice. Furthermore, one student is observed talking on the phone. Approximately 30 students are estimated to be seated in this class. This raises concerns about the authenticity of the Saurashtra University examination video and which examination it pertains to.

The examination center of this college was canceled in 2019. It is crucial to note, as mentioned in the Instagram reels, that if this college is indeed the one referred to in the video, it becomes very significant to highlight that the examination center of this college was canceled during the tenure of the then Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Nitin Pethani, and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Mr. Vijay Desani. The cancellation of this examination center due to incidents of malpractice happening in this college was publicly announced. It raises questions about when the examinations at this center resumed.

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