AMC Reports Fire at Kankaria School No 3-4 Amid Security Concerns, Police Inaction

A fire incident occurred late at night in the Kantodiya neighborhood of Raypur, Ahmedabad, near the municipal corporation school number 3-4. The fire brigade was immediately summoned to the scene due to the fire outbreak. Two fire brigade vehicles reached the scene promptly. The fire brigade team successfully extinguished the fire by using water, preventing further damage. The school’s warehouse also caught fire. This municipal corporation school has been non-operational for several years due to incidents of arson by antisocial elements.

Another letter was sent to the police station 12 days ago with the subject “Fire in School.” The headmaster of Municipal Corporation School Number 1, situated on Kantodiya Road, wrote a letter to the local police station’s PI (Police Inspector). In the letter, it was reported that the local antisocial elements from the Kantodiya neighborhood have been causing disturbances in the school’s field and the surrounding compound. These antisocial activities have not only resulted in damage to the school but also pose a security risk. The letter requested police intervention to address these issues, and it was sent 12 days ago. Despite notifying the police, no action has been taken to date.

A Conversation with L.D. Desai, an official from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation:

L.D. Desai, an official with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, mentioned in a recent conversation with Divyabhaskar that Municipal Corporation School Number 3-4 in Kantodiya has been non-operational for several years. A recent incident of arson occurred in one of the school’s compounds. Local police station was informed of the incident by local residents, but no action has been taken so far, as it’s suspected to be related to antisocial elements.

Antisocial Elements in the Compound: 

The area around Kantodiya, near Vedmata Mandir on Kantodiya Road, has witnessed the presence of antisocial elements in the compound of Municipal Corporation School 3-4. This school has been non-operational for several years. The school has a very large compound, and an Anganwadi (a government-sponsored child-care and mother-care center) operates within the same premises. Complaints have been made about antisocial elements entering the Anganwadi. A letter was also written to the local police station’s PI by the headmaster, who has sought police intervention in the matter, but even after informing the police, no action has been taken. If the police had taken immediate action, the recent incident of fire in the school might have been prevented.

Questions Raised in Front of Police Personnel: 

Recently, the Police Commissioner G.S. Malik conducted a surprise visit to the Kagdapith Police Station. During the visit, he inquired about the actions being taken by the police constables and also questioned a constable who seemed to be providing incorrect information. Police Commissioner Malik himself initiated a disciplinary action against the constable. The Kagdapith Police have received guidance from the Commissioner in the past, suggesting that they should take their work more seriously, and the Police Inspector was instructed to maintain vigilance in their jurisdiction. However, it is unclear what action the Police Commissioner is taking now, and questions have arisen regarding his actions.

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