Visa Consultancy Offices Raided by CID: Evidence Unearthed After 30 Days of Surveillance, Seizure of 182 Passport Copies and Bogus Certificates

CID Cracks Down on Visa Racket Targeting Foreigners in Gujarat

A major visa racket involving the creation of fake documents to lure foreigners with promises of obtaining visas has been busted by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) in Gujarat. The elaborate racket had been operating discreetly for a long time, but the CID Crime team, consisting of 17 units, simultaneously raided Visa Consultancy offices in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Gandhinagar.

The investigation was prompted by a complaint from a foreign national who had fallen victim to the fraudulent visa promises. The CID team found numerous important documents during their raids, along with bottles of alcohol in offices, suggesting an involvement in illegal activities.

CID Officials Create Bogus Identities to Uncover the Truth

Further information from CID’s Additional DCP Rajkumar Pandian revealed that in the last two months, CID Crime had received three crucial complaints about bogus visa documents. Based on these complaints, the CID team conducted surveillance for 30 days in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Gandhinagar.

During the investigation, CID operatives posed as bogus customers to gather evidence. These undercover officers were able to obtain fabricated documents, leading to the exposure of the entire visa racket. The crackdown was orchestrated simultaneously across the three cities to prevent any information leakage.

Concerns and Ongoing Investigation

Rajkumar Pandian highlighted concerns about potential linkages between CID officials and the racket, raising suspicions of corruption. To address these concerns, a comprehensive internal investigation has been initiated within CID to ensure that the integrity of the department is maintained.

The CID’s crackdown on the visa racket is a significant move to protect foreigners from falling victim to fraudulent practices. The seized documents and evidence will be crucial in building a strong case against those involved in the racket. The ongoing internal investigation aims to uphold the credibility of the CID and ensure that such activities are rooted out completely.

182 Passport Copies and Fake Certificates Seized in Visa Racket Crackdown

In a significant operation, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) in Gujarat cracked down on a visa racket targeting foreigners. A total of 17 teams conducted simultaneous raids in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Gandhinagar, focusing on immigration consultancy offices. The investigation revealed that out of the 25 targeted immigration firms, 17 were subjected to raids.

During the operations, the CID seized copies of 182 passports and discovered fake certificates. Additionally, a high-tech education visa consultancy office on CG Road in Ahmedabad was raided, leading to the recovery of seven bottles of liquor and 35 beer bottles. The CID is now intensifying efforts to gather more details by questioning the arrested agents.

Non-Compliant Visa Consultants Face Scrutiny

Many individuals in North Gujarat have been resorting to unauthorized means of traveling abroad by contacting agents who prepare them for border crossings. While some innocent people may cross borders legitimately, there is concern that certain unscrupulous visa consultants may be involved in illegal activities. CID’s ongoing investigation aims to bring such individuals to justice.

Illegal Immigration Concerns

In recent times, a growing number of people in North Gujarat have been contacting agents for assistance in traveling abroad through non-compliant means. These agents often exploit vulnerable individuals, making their lives precarious for financial gain. The CID’s crackdown on bogus documents and visa-related fraud is a step toward curbing such activities and maintaining the integrity of the immigration process.

The current investigation involves the examination of seized bogus documents to gather more information about the scope and operation of the visa racket. The CID emphasizes that anyone engaging in fraudulent immigration practices will face strict legal action. The ongoing efforts will ensure that individuals seeking to travel abroad do so through legal and legitimate means, preventing them from falling victim to scams and illegal activities.

Names of Organizations Raided by CID in the Visa Racket Operation:

  1. Shri Overseas Passport, Sola
  2. First Step Overseas, Maninagar
  3. Laxmi Overseas, Navrangpura
  4. OSI, Vijay Char Rasta
  5. Step Immigration, Naroda
  6. Neptune Education Consultant, Gandhinagar
  7. 304 Vrundavan Trade Center, Gandhinagar
  8. Gate On Visa Consultant, Gandhinagar
  9. Proton Consultancy, Gandhinagar
  10. M. D. Overseas, Gandhinagar

These organizations were targeted as part of the CID’s crackdown on visa-related fraud and illegal immigration practices. The investigation is ongoing, and further details are expected to emerge as the inquiry progresses.

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