New Government Guidelines: ‘No Entry’ for Students Below 16 in Coaching Classes

Restriction on Admission for Younger Students

Coaching classes will no longer admit students under the age of 16. Admission to coaching classes can only take place after passing the secondary (10th grade) examination. Additionally, students attending coaching classes are required to dedicate a minimum of five hours of daily study. The Ministry of Education has increased its focus on preventing student suicides, addressing incidents of malpractice, ensuring facility adequacy, and responding to complaints regarding teaching methods. The ministry stated that coaching classes cannot employ teachers with qualifications lower than a bachelor’s degree. Parents seeking admission for their children may not receive assurances through shortcuts such as promises of ranks or guaranteed high scores. The coaching class cannot make direct or indirect claims about the results of its students without a system adhering to these rules. Institutions cannot register without adhering to these guidelines, aiming to regulate coaching institutions and control their increasing numbers.

School Time Exclusivity for Quality Improvement

During school hours, coaching classes cannot operate, and schools must employ qualified teachers to enhance students’ academic performance.

Student-Teacher Collaboration and Mandatory Rest Day

Students and teachers are required to observe a rest day every week. During major festivals, students may be allowed to take a break and stay with their families. Registration for coaching classes can only begin after a mandatory three-month break. If a coaching class offers multiple branches, each unit must be counted separately. Registration will not be allowed in cases where essential space and resources are lacking, and each student must have a minimum of 1 square meter of space. After paying the fee for a course, it cannot be increased, and CCTV cameras must be installed where deemed necessary. Coaching classes cannot be conducted during school hours, and this rule is also applicable to dummy schools.

Strict Penalties for Violating Rules

Coaching centers failing to register according to guidelines or violating rules and conditions will face severe penalties. The first offense will result in a fine of INR 25,000, the second offense will be fined at INR 1 lakh, and for the third offense, registration may be canceled with a substantial penalty.

Fee Regulations and Refund Policies

According to guidelines, the coaching class cannot increase fees during the course duration. If a student wishes to leave the course after paying the entire fee, a request for a refund will be considered, including hostel and mess fees.

Class Timings and Restrictions on Multiple Classes

No coaching class sessions can run for more than 5 hours a day. Morning and late-night classes are not allowed. Coaching centers will offer breaks during festivals, providing an opportunity for students and teachers to connect emotionally.

Admission Restrictions for Under 16-Year-Olds

The Central Government has released guidelines for coaching centers in 2024, suggesting that admission should not be granted to students under the age of 16. These guidelines also emphasize that coaching centers should not make false promises to parents or students, such as guaranteeing ranks or results.

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