Cyber-Mafias Extort 23.30 Lakhs from Businessman in 9-Hour Online Harassment

A dangerous cybercrime case has emerged in Surat. A businessman, who deals in chemicals, had parcels sent from Mumbai seized by the customs department at Mumbai airport. He was advised to contact the cybercrime branch in Mumbai. Subsequently, the businessman was tricked by individuals posing as cybercrime branch officials, who instructed him to follow various tactics via phone and video calls for nine hours online. During this, he was informed that major transactions had occurred from his bank accounts, causing a loss of Rs. 23.30 lakh. In this case, the cybercrime police have apprehended individuals associated with the cyber mafia, including a builder, a jeweler, and a courier packaging worker, as well as an unemployed youth. The accused have been accused of initiating this conspiracy and have been brought out in the cybercrime investigation one by one.

On March 5th, Rameshbhai, a 58-year-old chemical trader residing in Surat’s Pandesara area, received a call from an unknown mobile number around 8:30 in the morning. The caller, speaking in a slight accent, claimed to be from FedEx company and informed the trader that a parcel sent from Mumbai to Taiwan had been seized by the customs department at Mumbai airport. The parcel contained 5 passports, 4 credit cards, a laptop, 200 grams of MDMA, a saree, and 4 kilograms of clothes. Upon hearing this, the trader denied sending any such parcel and was advised by the caller to contact the Mumbai crime branch once, assuring that they would reveal the truth. A number was also provided to him.

After contacting the number provided, the trader had spoken to someone identifying themselves as Prakash Kumar from the Mumbai Crime Branch. Subsequently, the trader was instructed to download the Skype app to his family member’s device to provide all relevant information. Prakash Kumar had the trader log in using the Mumbai Crime Branch ID and then proceeded to ask for his Aadhaar card and a photo. During the video call, Prakash Kumar only showed the logo of the Mumbai Crime Branch without revealing his own face.

After this, Prakash Kumar had a conversation with someone about their Aadhaar card, mentioning that there were significant transactions in their bank account and items found in the parcel. Therefore, an immediate action against you will be required. They accused you of committing a major crime and sent a notice in the name of the CBI through Sky Pay. Prakash Kumar warned you that you cannot leave your house, that you are under our investigation, cannot disconnect the video call, and cannot talk to anyone else. Now, I am going to the authority above me, DCP Sir, because he has the authority to decide what to do next. They had a conversation with a person named Dr. Balsingh Rajput, who is a DCP.

The daughter, who lives abroad, will face difficulties, he said. She is often heard on Skype and initiated a video call on WhatsApp, informing the businessman that his arrest is imminent and his family will also suffer greatly. If the case goes ahead, his daughters, whether residing abroad or in Maharashtra, will be greatly distressed, he also mentioned. He advised that if you cooperate with us, things will be better. He instructed the businessman to keep the video call active and went to the office.

₹23.30 lakh transferred to the account

Later, according to the businessman’s information, ₹23.30 lakh was transferred to the account, and after keeping the video call active, he returned home. At around 6 p.m., he was asked to end the video call and send an OK message on WhatsApp every hour. However, later when the businessman became suspicious, he checked with the courier company and found that the tracking ID provided initially was fake. Suspecting cyber fraud, the businessman lodged a complaint with the cybercrime helpline. Based on this, the cybercrime police recorded the offense.

Surat builder along with four others caught cybercrime police have arrested four individuals based on technical surveillance. It was found during the cybercrime police investigation that Surat-based builder Charan’s arrest was connected to an account managed by the Kotak Bank. According to the investigation, 25-year-old Neville, also known as Bitu Maheshbhai Hedaoo, who worked as a courier packer in the area near the Surat Fire Station, had to open an account in his name for taking a loan. It was opened in their names and later used by them to transfer funds. The account was subsequently used by 23-year-old Ratnakalakar Mahesh Pravinbhai Sandhya and 21-year-old unemployed Dhruv, also known as Dholo Purushottambhai Vekariya.

Possibility of many secrets being revealed

The account was given to 29-year-old builder Parth Dheerajlal Jodhani. He gave someone’s account to the cyber-mafia for a consideration. Today, Surat Cyber Crime Police will file a remand application for all four. Who did Parth give the account to? How did they come into contact with him? These aspects will be investigated.

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