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Wedding Mishap: Over 250 Fall Ill Due to Food Poisoning from Buttermilk at Health Center Beds

Due to the wedding event of a Solanki family’s daughter in Mathasuriya village, a sudden outbreak of food poisoning occurred in Talala village. After the wedding feast in the evening, there were widespread complaints of vomiting and nausea among the guests, affecting more than 250 people, necessitating immediate medical attention.

Revelations in the Wedding Incident

During a conversation with the Sarpanch of Mathasuriya village, Jivabhai, it was revealed that the daughter of Mithabhai Solanki from Mathasuriya village got married, and the sweets were brought from Talala village. After the wedding feast last evening, sudden cases of vomiting and nausea were reported among the guests. Consequently, medical care was provided by the Primary Health Center in Kodidar, Pandva Primary Health Center, and Talala Community Health Center.

Suspected Contamination in the Feast

Simultaneously, food poisoning cases led to overcrowding in hospitals, and responsibilities fell upon both the bank of Talala and the ground to provide care. Fortunately, all individuals are now out of danger, and the Health Department has reported that everyone’s condition is stable. Due to the initial suspicion of contamination in the feast, everyone is being monitored for potential effects.

Action by the Food and Drugs Department

The Food and Drugs Department also swung into action in response to the food poisoning incident. According to officer Piyush Savaliya, samples of the sweets and buttermilk served at the wedding feast have been sent for laboratory testing. Cross-contamination might have occurred with the consumption of buttermilk and sweets, according to initial suspicions.

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