Surat GPCB Responds: Unfortunate Accident, Management Distraught, Workers Unaware of Loss

In Surat’s Sachin industrial area, a severe fire broke out in an ether industry within GIDC on Tuesday, resulting in a massive blaze that was brought under control 24 hours later. During the search inside the premises, seven workers were found charred, and the impact has spread across a wide area. Surat GPCB’s regional officer, Dr. Jignasa Oza, responded with an explanation similar to a public relations officer, stating that the company is not at fault but acknowledges the accident. The management was initially upset, indicating the loss of workers, but the details remained unknown.

Formation of a Vapor Cloud from Chemicals

It was revealed that today we still do not know the cause of the fire in the ether industry. Companies facing incidents involving life and property often conduct investigations on-site since yesterday. Today, inspections have started from the neighboring morning. Among the seven human skeletons found during this period, technical analysis shows that the fire occurred due to solvent storage within the tank creating a vapor cloud. The vapor cloud has the potential to catch fire upon contact with a spark.

No Planned Event, It Was an Unplanned Incident

When asked about the company’s negligence through the media, they stated that this accident was not a planned event. It was an unplanned event or mishap. Such events happen, and we must be prepared for them. From a primary perspective, it doesn’t seem like a company’s fault. The company’s internal investigation reveals safety equipment and policies in place, resulting in minimal damage.

Chemical Volume in the Tank Was Minimal

Discussing the fire incident, it was mentioned that the solvent used to create the vapor cloud in the tank was an ultra-high frequency (UHF) chemical. The tank had a capacity of 20 KL, storing 15 KL of chemicals. Despite the limited capacity, the fire occurred due to a leak from below. This chemical is used in the manufacturing process. Generally, when an accident occurs, the first factor that sets apart a well-managed factory is the minimal damage.

Seven Personnel Missing in Primary Survey

In conclusion, Jignasa Oza stated that there is an accident policy to be observed. When there is a shift change and a certain number of people are inside and then missing, it is in the primary survey that we come to know about the loss of seven people. Settlement in settlement management is systematic to prevent further damage, and the process needs to be stopped to avoid any accidents. Environmental management is essential, and cleaning is required.

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