Crisis of Non-Resident Gujaratis in America: Abuse of Mehsana Worker by Gujarati Employer

Gujaratis aspire to travel to America for better opportunities, and this desire is particularly pronounced among those from North Gujarat. However, the reality of settling in America entails significant adjustments. Foreign travel aspirations can also come with heavy burdens. 

This has been evidenced in a recent incident where a Gujarati youth was subjected to brutality on American soil. Shockingly, the perpetrator of this violence was another member of the Gujarati community. A video has surfaced showing a Gujarati store owner mercilessly beating a Gujarati employee. 

This isn’t an isolated incident; the store owner has reportedly abused the Gujarati employee multiple times over trivial matters, leaving the victim feeling helpless despite earning a mere $2. This disturbing incident highlights the challenges and vulnerabilities faced by Gujaratis seeking a better life in America.

Brutality in a New York Store: Gujarati Exploited by Employer

A disturbing video depicting cruelty has rapidly circulated on social media, revealing an appalling incident in a New York convenience store. In the video, the store owner is seen subjecting an employee to repeated physical abuse. 

The viral footage captures instances where the employer humiliates and beats the employee while on duty. The store owner, originally from Bhavpura village in Gandhinagar and the employee hailing from Jetalpur in Mehsana, Gujarat, are at the center of intense discussion. The employee, having moved to the United States for a better life, finds himself compelled to work in such conditions due to circumstances.

Workplace Abuse Caught on CCTV: Exploitation in Familiar Territory

The situation escalates further as additional information surfaces. It is revealed that the employee works exclusively at the store owned by his acquaintances, indicating a pre-existing relationship between the two parties. CCTV footage from the store presents three distinct incidents of mistreatment. 

In one footage, the Gujarati store owner is seen physically assaulting and mistreating the employee. Another footage captures the store owner’s wife engaging in abusive behavior towards the same employee. Finally, in a separate incident, the store owner himself is depicted kicking the employee while they are both at work. 

These disturbing visuals shed light on the extent of exploitation and abuse occurring within the confines of a supposedly familiar environment.

Shocking Revelations: Exploitation and Coercion Unveiled

The unfolding scenes may leave you appalled. Allegations suggest that the store owner not only fails to compensate his relative for their work but also subjects them to cruelty. It has been reported that the store owner from Bhavpura summoned his relative from Mehsana to join him in the United States under false pretenses. 

The relative was lured with promises of employment, yet no wages were provided. Additionally, the store owner does not provide any form of salary to the employee from Jetalpur. These distressing revelations highlight the gravity of the situation, wherein exploitation and coercion take precedence over familial ties and ethical conduct.

Language of Abuse: Exploitation and Violence in Gujarati

The Gujarati store owner is conversing in Gujarati with the employee, often resorting to profanities while physically assaulting them. The employee, despite expressing dissatisfaction with the work, is repeatedly subjected to violence. The abuse includes verbal insults and physical beatings, indicating a pattern of mistreatment and coercion.

Exploitation Knows No Boundaries: Injustice Against Vulnerable Gujarati Worker

The question arises: who is truly helpless, thousands of kilometers away from India? Can a Gujarati be subjected to such treatment by another Gujarati? Who will teach a lesson to the store owner who crosses the limits of cruelty? The consequences of traveling abroad can indeed weigh heavily, as seen in the brutal scenes unfolding in New York, USA.

After the CCTV footage surfaced, the locals from Bhavpura are confronting the store owner. However, the helpless Gujarati from Jetalpur seems unable to take any action. These distressing incidents in New York have ignited anger among Gujaratis.

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