Dharoi Dam 1500-Acre Riverfront Cottages, Glass Bridge, 8 Hotels

At a cost of 1041 crores, Dharoi Dam will transform into a world-class travel destination, featuring a 130-acre Botanical Garden showcasing the five elements of nature and culture. In the first phase, 393 crores will be invested in adventure sports infrastructure.

Developing Dharoi Dam into a global tourist destination, a Rs. 1041 crore project, will be completed in three phases within 1500 acres. In the first phase, a Rs. 393 crore tender process has concluded for public amenities, including adventure sports infrastructure, road networks, water and sewer lines, and parking. The second phase, costing Rs. 345 crore, is underway, focusing on a 4-kilometer riverfront, laser show, and amphitheater, among other enhancements.

In the latest and third phase, work will commence on the Botanical Garden, Theme Park, and the Glass Bridge. The entire project will comprise a total of 10 zones. In the first zone, a 130-acre Botanical Garden will showcase the five elements of nature and culture.

Furthermore, in Zone 2, there will be high-street shopping along with three-star and four-star hotels, as well as resorts. In Zone 3, a Flower Garden, Urban Forest, Park, and Resort will be developed. Zones 4 and 5 will feature a Caravan Park, Adventure and Theme Park, Camping Ground, Water Sports, and Jetty. Zone 6 will have cottages on the dam’s top and luxury resorts on the land. Zone 7 will host a C-Plane Terminal, while the rest of the zones will include facilities like a Solar Park, other theme-based Polo Clubs, and Resorts.

The Dam Site will also feature a grand amphitheater, along with a Laser Show, situated by the Sabarmati River, where 1500 people can enjoy laser shows together. This massive amphitheater will showcase the region’s history and culture. For the accommodation of tourists and residents, there will be PPP (Public-Private Partnership) model hotels, resorts, caravan parks, camping grounds, and guest houses. The development will also include restaurants, cafes, senior shops, and public amenities with high-street development.

The development of Dharoi Dam will bear fruit for North Gujarat, as it will serve as an anchor for tourism in the surrounding 100-kilometer radius. It will link important tourist destinations like Ambaji and Taranga Hills, cultural heritage sites like Vadnagar, Siddhpur, Modhera, and Devni Mori, as well as environmental attractions like Polo Forest and Balaram-Ambaji Sanctuary. By connecting these diverse options, a new tourism circuit will be established in North Gujarat. Dharoi Dam will emerge as an anchor tourism destination, strengthening the local economy.

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