Record-Breaking 354 Crore Seized in Dheeraj Sahu’s Residence: Ongoing Raids Uncover Unprecedented Financial Scale

The income tax raids conducted on the residences of Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Dheeraj Sahu in Odisha and West Bengal, which commenced on December 6, have concluded. The investigations were initiated to scrutinize financial transactions and assess compliance with tax regulations.

As per available information, a total of Rs 354 crore has been accounted for thus far as a result of the raids. It is noteworthy that various sources have suggested that the actual amount may surpass Rs 500 crore in certain instances.

On the sixth day of the winter session of Parliament, BJP-President JP Nadda raised slogans in the Parliament premises accusing the Congress of corruption.

Conclusion of Income Tax Raids: Dheeraj Sahu’s Ranchi Residence Nears Completion

The ongoing income tax raids on Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Dheeraj Sahu have now narrowed down to his Ranchi residence. According to sources within the Income Tax Department, it is anticipated that the raids at this location may conclude today. The investigations have garnered significant attention, marking the largest recovery in the country’s history.

The Income Tax Department team is presently focused on scrutinizing financial records and assets at Dheeraj Sahu’s Ranchi residence. The proceedings, which have been underway since December 6, are poised to conclude, and official information regarding the findings is expected to be shared imminently.

Conclusion of Cash Counting: Significant Findings in Ongoing Income Tax Raids in Odisha

In the ongoing Income Tax Department raids in Odisha, the head of the counting bank at Bolangir State Bank, Bhagat Behera, announced late on Sunday that the counting of 176 bags has been successfully completed. The cumulative cash discovered in this process amounts to Rs 305 crore. Additionally, noteworthy recoveries were made from the residences of Deepak Sahu and Sanjay Sahu, partners of Sahu Brothers in Titlagarh, and from the distillery of Baldev Sahu Sons and Group Companies in Sambalpur, totaling Rs 11 crore and Rs 37.50 crore, respectively.

The counting of notes took place at the Sambalpur State Bank, with the process concluding at 9 pm on Saturday night. Further details from Income Tax sources reveal that Rs 11 crore was recovered from the residence in Lohardaga, and an additional Rs 3 crore was seized from Ranchi.

The Income Tax Department initiated raids on the Sahu Group on December 6, as part of an investigation into alleged tax evasion. The scope of the raids has been expansive, covering various locations associated with the Sahu Brothers, including residences and business establishments.

The substantial cash recoveries made during the counting process, both in Bolangir and other locations, mark a significant development in the ongoing raids. The cumulative amount of Rs 305 crore discovered in Bolangir, combined with the additional recoveries from residences and businesses, underscores the gravity of the investigation.

Comprehensive Currency Counting Operation Undertaken at Bolangir State Bank with 50 Employees and 25 Machines

In a significant effort to meticulously account for financial transactions, Bolangir State Bank recently executed an extensive currency counting operation, engaging 50 employees and utilizing 25 counting machines over a continuous three-day period. The process was conducted around the clock, and income tax officials actively participated in the proceedings, overseeing and verifying the counting of notes.

The income tax officials, in the course of their thorough examination, stumbled upon a bag filled with currency notes exceeding 30 crores in value. This unexpected find occurred in a house situated behind Rajkishore Jaiswal’s residence, which, upon inspection, appeared to have been unused and unattended for a considerable duration.

The dilapidated house, where the substantial amount of money was concealed, exhibited signs of neglect and abandonment. Its appearance suggested a lack of recent occupancy, with the discovery of the money amidst sacks containing broken items. The dilapidated state of the house adds a layer of intrigue to the ongoing investigation, prompting questions about the circumstances leading to the accumulation of funds in such a location.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah Calls for INDIA Alliance Response to Seizure of Crores from Congress MP

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has urged the INDIA Alliance to provide a response following the recent revelation of crores of rupees found in the possession of a Congress Member of Parliament. Shah expressed concern over the unprecedented scale of cash discovered, stating that such a substantial amount has not been seized from the residence of any MP since Independence. In his remarks, Shah criticized the Congress party for its perceived silence on corruption, attributing it to what he referred to as the party’s inherent nature, but also questioned the apparent lack of reaction from other political entities such as TMC, JDU, DMK, and SP.

Congress Clarifies Position on Cash Seizure: Describes it as a Personal Matter

In response to the recent cash seizure from the residence of Congress Member of Parliament Dheeraj Sahu, the State Congress in-charge, Avinash Pandey, has characterized the matter as a personal issue pertaining to Sahu’s family business. Pandey clarified that the funds recovered from Sahu’s house do not have any affiliation with the Congress party. Despite this assertion, the party has sought an explanation from Sahu regarding the origin of the funds. Pandey also expressed disappointment with the BJP’s comments on the matter, noting that the official statement from the Income Tax Department is still pending.

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