Dilip Sanghani Leads Largest Cooperative Society with Over 60 Thousand Crores Turnover

The largest cooperative institution of farmers, IFFCO, has once again elected Gujarati Dilip Sanghani as its Chairman. Balvindersingh Binharif has been elected as Vice Chairman. Notably, the election of directors of IFFCO was held yesterday to fill vacancies in the fertilizer sector. It is noteworthy that IFFCO has a turnover of over 60 billion rupees annually.

The meeting of the board consisting of 21 directors has once again appointed Balvindersingh as Vice Chairman. Sanghani has been associated with various national and international organizations related to farmers for the last four decades. Therefore, Balvindersingh from Uttar Pradesh has been actively involved in farmer advocacy for years.

Dilip Sanghani’s Second Term

This is the second term of Dilip Sanghani as Chairman of IFFCO. In the election of directors of IFFCO held yesterday, Jayesh Radadia, former state minister and MLA, had resigned from the position of President of the state BJP cooperative cell. Radadia, who won yesterday and is now the Vice Chairman, has secured his dominance in IFFCO. This is Dilip Sanghani’s second term as Chairman. There is a festive atmosphere among his supporters for the next five years as he is appointed Chairman of IFFCO.

Yesterday’s Election of IFFCO Directors

The election of IFFCO directors was not unanimously supported within the BJP. There was a conflict within the BJP itself. BJP fought against BJP in this election. BJP had given a mandate to Bipin Gota (Patel), but BJP MLA Jayesh Radadia played on his own mandate against the party’s mandate. The result of this election was announced yesterday, in which out of a total of 182 votes, 180 were cast. Jayesh Radadia received 114 votes out of these 180 votes, while his closest rival Bipin Gota received only 66 votes. Thus, Jayesh Radadia won the election.

Jayesh Radadia’s Victory over Gota Near Shah

Bipin Gota, who was vying for the directorship of IFFCO, had filled the nomination form through Amit Shah’s close associate and BJP cooperative cell state chief, Bipin Gota. He was contested by Congress-backed Vijay Jhatakia. Vithal Radadia’s son Jayesh Radadia contested against the BJP’s mandate for the directorship, aligning with the farmers’ leader and Rajkot cooperative leader Vithal Radadia, and played against the BJP. The only meeting of Gujarat started counting votes from 4 o’clock, in which Jayesh Radadia, the candidate from the powerful position of BJP, won against Rajkot’s cooperative leader Jayesh Radadia.

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