Police Action: Over 50 Arrested for Vandalism at Religious Sites, Identification Initiated through Videos

In the village of Pirana, near Ahmedabad, an attempt was made to vandalize several graves at the Imam Shah Bawa Dargah. The rural police of Ahmedabad intervened in this matter, noting two complaints regarding rioting and religious tension, leading to the arrest of more than 50 individuals. The police have initiated an investigation, collecting CCTV footage and videos to identify those involved. Stringent security arrangements have been made by the police at the Imam Shah Bawa Dargah in Pirana.

Identification Process of Involved Individuals Begins

According to Om Prakash Jha, head of Ahmedabad district police, several individuals were identified as being involved in attempts to vandalize religious places in Pirana village. The police intervened as clashes erupted, involving over 100 people, resulting in injuries to some officers. Many names have surfaced during the interrogation, leading to further arrests. The process of identifying all involved individuals is underway, aided by police videos, social media footage, and CCTV recordings.

Trust and Dargah Embroiled in Controversies

Imam Shah Bawa Dargah in Pirana has been embroiled in numerous controversies involving the trust and the dargah itself. On Wednesday morning, villagers and trustees were informed of attempts to damage several graves at the dargah. Consequently, a large number of Muslim villagers and others left the area. The Ahmedabad Rural Police took the matter seriously and sent senior officers, including an S.O.G., an LCB, and the district police chief, to Pirana for investigation. The police initiated an inquiry into the graves targeted for vandalism.

Police Conducts Tight Security Measures in Pirana

Sources suggest that the graves targeted for vandalism were identified during the night. Following the incident, information surfaced that immediate efforts were being made to construct new graves. Police presence has been increased, and new graves are being monitored closely. The police have organized a large deployment in Pirana and are ensuring that unwanted incidents are prevented by maintaining strict security measures.

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