Charge Your EV for Free at 12 Convenient Locations in Ahmedabad: Full Car Charge in 40 Minutes!

It is said that the era of electric vehicles is approaching. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the purchase of electric vehicles. Currently, more than 125,000 electric vehicles are registered in Gujarat, and many people are still hesitant to buy an electric vehicle due to the limited number of charging stations, a problem also faced by CNG vehicles fifteen years ago.

You will soon learn that there are many charging stations in Gujarat, including Ahmedabad, where individuals can charge their electric vehicles for free until January 31st. How people charge their vehicles at home and at charging stations, the challenges they face, and the franchise options for charging stations will be explored in this special report.

Gunjan Mehta, Co-founder of EVEM Technologies Private Limited, revealed to Divya Bhaskar that the biggest challenge for electric vehicle users is finding charging stations. Recognizing this issue, they initiated the EV charging station business. They have been involved in EV charging projects for almost two and a half years.

Our first EV charging station under the Stechyoo of Unity was started in 2021. Initially, the response was very positive. Later, we installed another EV charger in the Gift City, where people have shown interest as well. Currently, 73 of our charging stations are operational throughout Gujarat, providing the convenience of ultra-fast charging.

In this way, we have expanded our EV charging station network in Ahmedabad. Gunjan Mehta’s company currently operates a total of 13 EV charging stations in Ahmedabad, with 12 of them operating on a PPP model with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. A tender was floated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, and Gunjan Mehta’s company bid for it, winning the tender in June-July 2023.

There are 13 locations in Ahmedabad where EV charging stations are set up. How were these locations chosen? Gunjan Mehta stated that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation provided them with a list of various locations. After some evaluation and scrutiny of measurement criteria, the charging station locations were finalized. It was noted that the coverage in terms of electric vehicle expansion is increasing, and specific charging stations are strategically placed for user convenience, allowing someone in Vadodara to charge at a CTM charging point and another in Dholka to find a charging station in Nava Naroda.

Gunjan Mehta mentioned that their EV charging stations in Ahmedabad, particularly those initiated in collaboration with the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, offer the fastest charging facilities. This means that a full charge can be achieved in 40 to 50 minutes when someone arrives with a vehicle for charging. During this time, the individual can engage in shopping at a nearby shopping complex or visit a restaurant for food, providing a convenient experience for the users in between their activities.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Gujarat – A Game Changer

According to information provided by Gunjan Mehta, preparations are underway to set up Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations across Gujarat, including Ahmedabad. A space of 500 square feet is required for each station, equipped with ultra-fast chargers of 80 kilowatts, capable of simultaneously charging two vehicles. Some locations may even offer three-vehicle charging stations. The estimated cost for setting up one charging station ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 million rupees.

Corporate Collaboration Boosts EV Charging Stations in Ahmedabad

Gunjan Mehta’s company, in collaboration with the corporation, has initiated 12 EV stations in Ahmedabad, providing free charging facilities for all vehicles. Mehta states that as awareness spreads, more people are utilizing the charging stations in Ahmedabad, making them the most frequented charging stations in the state.

Ultra-Fast Chargers and Charging Infrastructure in Gujarat

The current charging stations initiated by Gunjan Mehta use German technology, featuring ultra-fast chargers with 80 kilowatts capacity, significantly faster than other charging centers in Gujarat, which typically offer chargers with 60 kilowatts capacity. A full charge for most vehicles takes approximately 35 to 40 minutes, costing between 400 to 600 rupees, making it an economical and efficient option for electric vehicle owners.

Increasing Popularity and Usage of Charging Stations in Ahmedabad

Charging stations in Ahmedabad witness the charging of 4 to 8 four-wheelers and 2 to 6 two-wheelers on average per day. Currently, between 3000 to 3500 vehicles have availed free charging facilities in Ahmedabad.

Growing Trend of Electric Vehicles Globally and in India

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity globally, with Europe and America leading the way. In China, large charging station networks are already in use. India is also gearing up for this trend, with the number of electric vehicles expected to rise as charging infrastructure develops.

Flexible Charging Options for Electric Vehicle Owners

Gunjan Mehta emphasizes the flexibility in charging options, catering to diverse user preferences. Electric vehicle owners can choose between paying a fixed amount for a full charge, paying per unit of energy, or even paying by the minute. The charging station system sends alerts when the charging is complete, making it convenient for users.

Franchising Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Gunjan Mehta mentions that they currently offer franchises for EV charging stations. Seventeen charging stations have already been franchised, with 8 to 10 applications being processed. Individuals interested in franchising need to make an investment ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 million rupees, depending on various factors. Importantly, ownership of land is not a prerequisite for franchisees; finding a suitable location is a collaborative effort between the franchisee and the company.

Importance of Land Ownership for EV Charging Station Franchising

Franchising an EV charging station does not necessarily require land ownership. The critical aspect is that the charging station meets the necessary technical and operational requirements. The company collaborates with franchisees to evaluate potential locations, ensuring accessibility and demand. This collaborative approach allows individuals to franchise charging stations in areas where they see fit, promoting the expansion of EV charging infrastructure across cities like Ahmedabad and Bengaluru.

This Application will Prove Useful

This mobile application is based on EVEMP Technologies Private Limited’s network of charging stations, as confirmed by Devansh Bhai, the brother of the company’s owner, operating charging stations throughout Gujarat. We have developed an application available for free on the Google Play Store, allowing Jetla users to locate our charging stations after registering on the app.

Book Slots and Charge Your Vehicle

Beyond regular charging, individuals can also book slots for vehicle charging using the application. If someone wants to charge their vehicle between 2 and 3 PM, they can reserve a slot through the application, and the charging station for Jetla users will be allocated with the corresponding Google location after registration. If the vehicle doesn’t arrive during the 10-minute slot, the reserved time slot will automatically be canceled.

New Features for Quick Charging

In a short period, a new feature has been added to the mobile application – a plug and charge feature. When a vehicle arrives at a charging station, the charging will start automatically based on FastTag’s information, similar to when tolls are paid. There is no need for any additional transactions within the network. In case of any unforeseen events, the charging station will shut down, and an engineer will visit to restart the charging station.

People’s Experiences

Yagnesh Modi, a resident near Sindhubhavan Road in Ahmedabad, shares his experience of charging his car at the EV charging station. He mentions that he resides just two kilometers away from Sindhubhavan and had never thought of using a charging station. However, one day, he forgot to charge his car at night, and he had to charge it urgently. He was surprised to find a charging station near Sindhubhavan and charged his car within a short time.

Yajnesh Modi further adds that he now occasionally travels to Palanpur and uses the charging station there. He appreciates the rapid charging at the station and advises others to plan for backup options in case of crowded situations.

Home Takes 8 Hours, Station Takes 40-50 Minutes

Jay Mehta, who drives an electric car for the past eight months, states that he used to take eight hours to charge his car at home. However, after using the Sindhubhavan charging station, he found that it takes only 40 to 50 minutes for a full charge. Shahzad Chhipa, an electric car owner in Jamalpur, Ahmedabad, also shares his positive experience, stating that he has been using an EV for a year and frequently charges his car at the multilevel parking charging station built by the corporation on Sindhubhavan Road. He finds the experience excellent compared to other places in the city.

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