Surat’s Majestic 35-Foot Shivalinga with 11 Lakh Rudrakshas: Grand Rudrabhishek by Rishikumars, Helicopter Shower of Flowers Await!

From the early morning in temples across the state, the celebration of Maha Shivaratri festival is in full swing. In the expansive area of Godadara in Surat, an impressive 35-foot tall Rudraksha Shivalinga has been constructed. This grand Shivalinga, made using 11 lakh Rudraksha beads imported from Nepal, is witnessing various religious programs organized for Shiva devotees continuously for three days.

Construction of 35-foot Tall Shivalinga Using Rudraksha from Nepal

For the first time in South Gujarat, a 35-foot tall Rudraksha Shivalinga has been constructed. To build this Shivalinga, 11 lakh Rudraksha beads were brought from Nepal, and a team of 25 artisans from Kathmandu was invited. The preparations for registering this grand Shivalinga in the Limca Book of Records are also underway. Additionally, a three-day Maha Rudraksha Puja is also being organized for this magnificent Shivalinga.

Showering of Flowers on Shivalinga via Helicopter

Starting today at the Astik Ground in Godadara, the commencement of numerous religious ceremonies is underway. During the Maha Rudraksha Puja at the Shivalinga, flowers will be showered via helicopter, offering a spectacular sight for Shiva devotees. The Rudrabhishek of the Shivalinga will be performed by Vedic scholars from Kashi. The entire event is being managed by devotees of Lord Rama. A large number of devotees from across South Gujarat gathered to witness the majestic Rudraksha Shivalinga.

Three-Day Maha Rudraksha Puja Arrangements

Every morning for three days, Rudrabhishek, evening Aarti, and bhajan sessions are being organized. Today marks the conclusion of the Rudraksha Shivalinga Puja along with the Aarti. Following this, the remarkable spectacle of the divine marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati will captivate all devotees. The grand entrance gate to the decorated pavilion will open, revealing the divine marriage scene. During this time, devotees will worship Baba at the decorated table. Moreover, the Ayodhya-style Ram Pandals will also attract a significant crowd.

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