Youth Shot Dead in Haryana: Altercation Over Borrowing Liquor from Neighbor Ends in Tragedy

On Friday night in Fatehabad, Haryana, a youth was shot dead, while his companion was critically injured. The injured individual has been admitted to Agroha Medical College. The dispute arose when the deceased’s companion requested a bottle of liquor on credit from a liquor vend. After an argument, he arrived at the scene upon being called by his friend. The deceased has been identified as Sunil.

According to preliminary information from the police, on Friday night, Nitin went to a liquor vend outside the Nitin Gorakhpur village to buy alcohol. When Nitin asked for a bottle of liquor on credit from the shopkeeper, he refused to give it. Subsequently, an argument broke out between Nitin and the shopkeeper. Nitin then called his companions Sunil and others to the scene.

During this altercation, Karinde called a youth named Sunny to the scene. A heated argument ensued between both sides. In the midst of the argument, Sunny fired a pistol directly. One bullet hit Sunil in the chest, while the other bullet struck Nitin in the leg.

Both were immediately taken to Agroha Medical College, where Sunil was pronounced dead. Nitin’s relatives have reached the medical college. They are alleging lack of action.

In Bhattu village, there was firing on the representative of the village head.

Meanwhile, in Bhattu village on Friday night, the representative of the village head, Sukhjit Singh Sukha, was shot dead. In the incident, Sukhjit’s father Avtar and cousin brother Harpal Singh were also injured. All three have been referred to the Hisar hospital.

It is reported that there has been an ongoing dispute between the former village head Balkar Singh and the village head representative Sukhjit Singh over the panchayat land. On the night, there was a quarrel between Balkar Singh, his sons Sukhdev and Baldev Singh, and Sukhjit Singh. During this time, the matter was resolved peacefully. However, it is alleged that after this, Balkar Singh returned to Sukhjit’s house with his sons and fired shots.

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