Sydney Mall Stabbing: 5 Dead in Shocking Attack, Police Neutralize Attacker

A horrific incident unfolded in Sydney on Saturday. In a rampage at Bondi Junction in Sydney’s affluent Westfield area, five people have died, and many others have been injured. Before the police shot the assailant, a woman and her nine-month-old child were randomly stabbed by the attacker along with shopkeepers.

Terrified onlookers began fleeing to save their lives. One witness told that they saw two bodies of young men on the fourth floor near JD Sports store, where many more people were injured in the horrific scene.

Police struggled to save the lives of the injured victims, and witnesses reported seeing a trail of blood in the mall.

One witness further adds, “I saw bodies or at least I ran down below and saw police running up the escalators and then I heard gunshots a little bit later.”

During the incident, some stores closed their shutters, which contributed to keeping the situation from escalating until security could be maintained inside.

According to reports from the Australian news website, “Jonny Santos and Kevin Jo Woolworths were buying when someone came down the escalator and started shooting or a person was stabbing people.” At that point, they noticed a man wearing a purple shirt running down the escalator. The individual seemed to be under the influence of drugs and was stumbling. From the upper level, people targeted the assailant, creating a barricade by throwing billboards. Two people threw barricades at the assailant, causing him to retreat and run back up the escalator.

Niyati Rao

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