American Police’s Excessive Force Leads to Tragic Death of Black Guy in Hospital

Following the death of an unarmed individual in the state of Ohio, police conduct there is under scrutiny. According to media reports, during an operation, Ohio police officers had pinned the individual’s neck under their knees.

With his neck pinned down, the unarmed individual couldn’t breathe. Later, the individual succumbed to death. He was identified as 53-year-old Frank Tyson. During the arrest, Tyson repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe, which the police didn’t pay attention to. Officers kept telling him that nothing was happening to him. However, Tyson died within 16 minutes of police intervention.

The entire incident was recorded on police body cameras, which Canton Police have made public. According to the American news website Atlanta Black Star, Frank was lying on the floor for up to 6 minutes while police officers joked around during the operation.

Frank’s Allegations: His Car Was Blocked with a Pylon

The incident is said to have occurred on April 18. Frank Tyson’s car was blocked with a traffic cone. When police followed him, someone informed them that Tyson was at a nearby club. Upon reaching the club, a woman told them Tyson had to be taken out.

As police proceeded with the arrest, Tyson repeatedly told them, “Call the sheriff, you can’t do this to me.” Subsequently, the police apprehended him. One officer held Tyson’s neck down with his knee, while another handcuffed him.

Unable to Breathe, Frank Was Made Fun of by Policemen

In the bodycam footage, Tyson is heard saying, “Let me go.” The police reply, “Shut up, you’re just fine.” Following this, Tyson was lying on the ground for 6 minutes. While police were present, bystanders mocked the situation. One police officer said, “I would’ve been begging for air all the way to the precinct.”

When police checked on Tyson 6 minutes later, he was unresponsive. Some medical professionals are called in to provide CPR. The medical team arrives on the scene within 10 minutes. His death is declared on-site.

Frank’s Death Recalls George Floyd’s Memory

The American police’s conduct of pressing down on the neck to make an arrest is not new. It echoes the incident that led to the death of George Floyd in 2020.

This incident occurred on May 25, 2020, in Minnesota. The Minneapolis Police Department receives a call on 911. A person informs the police that an unarmed black civilian, George Floyd, is suspected of purchasing cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.

The police action taken in this case violated departmental policies. Officers were seen pressing Floyd’s neck down, which resulted in him and others pleading for his release. However, no one intervened against the police brutality. Four officers involved in Floyd’s death were later charged. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced that Derek Chauvin would face charges of murder.

George Floyd’s family reached a settlement with the city council in 2021. They received a settlement of $27 million as compensation.

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