Surat Lift Mishap: 4 Women, Including One Critical, Plunge Down 4th Floor; Incident Captured on CCTV

The lift is very convenient for the residents of Hiraiz Building, but sometimes it poses a risk to life. Such an accident occurred in Surat. Due to the breakdown of the lift in a building in Ved Road area, four people were injured, one of whom is in critical condition. The entire incident is captured in the CCTV inside the lift.

Lift Mishap at Mota Palace Building

Two days ago, an unexpected incident occurred in the Mota Palace Building of the Vesu area in Surat. The lift, in which four people were present, suddenly malfunctioned. Two women entered the lift first, followed by two young men. As the lift reached the fourth floor, there was a slight jerk, and suddenly it got stuck.

Youth Suffers Serious Injury

Due to the sudden jolt, two women and two men inside felt a little uneasy. Meanwhile, all four individuals had already pressed the button to go down from the fourth floor. Due to the attempt to descend from the fourth floor to the ground floor, three individuals suffered minor injuries, while a young man suffered a serious injury. Currently, he is undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Increased Risk for Brothers: Bhog Mansion Incident

Rushali, who was underneath the lift, informed that they had left around 8:30 in the morning to go to work. As they were entering the lift, it suddenly fell. There were four people in the lift. The two brothers are at increased risk. I also suffered a leg injury. The entire lift, along with the camera, was completely damaged.

Fatal Accident in the Lift

Five days ago, there was a lift malfunction incident at the Samarpan Trust Hospital in Keshod, Junagadh. Five people were going down in the lift. Among them were a patient, two relatives, a liftman, and a hospital staff member. Suddenly, the lift, descending from the fourth floor, crashed. With the lift going down, five people on board were injured. Govindbhai Bheda, 55, lost his life in the accident. Meanwhile, Ridham Nimavat is being treated at the Samarpan Trust Hospital. Dilipbhai Bheda, Rajesh Kachot, and Nazir Sheikh were rushed to Junagadh Hospital for further treatment.

Miraculous Rescue of Eight People in the Lift

In another incident, the lift at Haveli Arcade, a commercial complex in Sector-11 of Gandhinagar, suddenly malfunctioned, plunging into the basement with a crash. In this incident, miraculously, eight people inside the lift were rescued alive. However, a group of people inside the lift suffered injuries. After heavy rescue operations, all of them were able to come out of the lift. A miraculous rescue of eight people was witnessed inside the lift. The Gandhinagar Fire Brigade team also immediately reached the spot and conducted a preliminary investigation, which revealed a serious lapse in lift maintenance.

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