Exclusive IND-PAK Match Package: Airport Pickup, Stadium Checkup, NRI Alternatives for Hotel

If you see an ambulance at Ahmedabad Airport between October 13th and 15th, don’t be surprised, as it is part of the medical tourism experience for Gujaratis living abroad. Lately, there has been a trending song in Gujarat called “Gotilo,” and it seems that NRIs are taking it quite seriously. This trend coincides with the World Cup match between India and Pakistan on October 14th. Ahmedabad hotels are fully booked, and room prices have skyrocketed to as much as 1 lakh rupees for a single room. Consequently, NRIs have come up with a “Goti” solution, which allows them to book rooms in hospitals after regular check-ups.

Hospitals Rushed to by NRIs as Hotels Fill Up Ahead of India-Pakistan Match

The India-Pakistan match on October 14th will be held at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium, and cricket enthusiasts, including NRIs, are eagerly looking forward to it. Many are arriving in Ahmedabad, and hotels have become fully occupied, with room prices soaring between 4 and 5 times. Consequently, NRIs have redirected their bookings towards hospitals. In some cases, individuals who had previously booked hotels for October 15th had to change their bookings due to the change in the match date.

Change in Hospital Bookings as the Match Date Alters

Dr. Paras Shah from Bopal Sanidhya Hospital revealed that bookings were initially made for October 15th, but when the match date was rescheduled, even hospital bookings had to be changed. People who had requested to book a day in advance had their requests accommodated. A colleague of mine received a call from someone in the USA who informed him that they had two patients who needed a health check-up. When I told them that it could be done, they asked if arrangements could also be made for airport pick-up. So, I arranged for that as well. Afterward, I had 15 calls from people arriving on October 15th, all of whom wanted to schedule a health check-up.

Health Check-Ups and Match Viewing After NRI Medical Check-Ups

I asked everyone, and one person said, “There’s an India-Pakistan match on October 14th.” Typically, five-star hotel rooms cost between 5,000 and 10,000 rupees, but they are now priced between 50,000 and 1 lakh rupees. Even with money, rooms weren’t available, so they decided to stay in hospitals. In most rooms in hospitals, there are beds for both the patient and their companion. Patients will receive a special diet, and companions will receive regular meals. In hospitals, room service isn’t available, but if the patient wishes, they can order food through Zomato or Swiggy, with discounts available. Hospital stays provide hotel-like amenities.

Combining India-Pakistan Match Viewing with Health Check-Ups

The India-Pakistan match is on October 14th, and a large number of people from Africa, the USA, and the UK are coming to watch it. Most will arrive late at night on October 13th. They will be picked up by ambulance or car from the airport. Medical check-ups will begin at 6 AM the following morning. After the medical check-ups, they will watch the match in the afternoon. Modi will stop by in the evening and then go back to the hospital. On October 15th, they will return to the airport. Hospital rooms are priced differently, ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 rupees. Each room in the hospital has a bed for one patient and one companion. Patients will receive a diet, and companions will receive regular meals. While immediate check-up rooms are not available in hospitals, patients can order food through Zomato and Swiggy, with discounts.

Match Viewing and Health Check-Ups in One Day

When Indians go anywhere, they find a way to combine things. This is one such example. NRIs coming for health check-ups in India are doing the same. They’ve organized a gathering like this, where health check-ups and watching the match both happen on the same day. Hospitals have also made arrangements for this. All in all, Gujarat never forgets its roots, and hospitals have also appealed to avoid chaos. It’s a convenient way to have health check-ups and enjoy the match’s excitement without any trouble. In India, where a health check-up costs 10,000 rupees, the same check-up abroad costs 40,000 rupees. So, travelers have found a unique way to save money.

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