Fake Officials Busted Again: Forge Bogus Appointment Letters for Aspiring Youths, Collect ₹99 Lakh from Over 30 Individuals

Crackdown on Fake Officials Involved in Competitive Exam Scam

In a significant crackdown, the Local Crime Branch (LCB) has apprehended more than 30 individuals connected to a massive scam promising government jobs. These fake officials, posing as authorities guiding aspirants for competitive exams, manipulated over 99 lakh rupees from the public.

The scam involved three individuals promising lucrative government jobs to youth preparing for competitive exams. Geer Somnath Police swiftly acted against this scam, unveiling a massive racket that cheated people under the guise of providing employment opportunities.

The investigation revealed that the fraudsters, operating as a coaching institute, duped around 30 individuals, accumulating a staggering one crore rupees. The police, in their primary probe, have confiscated bogus recommendation letters from the alleged mastermind, along with letters from IPS officers, secretaries, and high-ranking officials, intensifying the investigation.

This crackdown sends a strong message against fraudulent activities preying on individuals aspiring for government jobs, emphasizing the need for strict measures to curb such scams.

Crackdown on Youth Lured by the Promise of Government Jobs in Exam Preparation

In a significant development, Manoharsinh Jadeja, the district police chief of Junagadh, Gir Somnath, and surrounding areas, revealed that individuals preparing for competitive exams were lured into scams promising government jobs. The police have taken notice of fraudulent practices involving the distribution of fake appointment letters, deceiving aspirants and extorting large sums of money.

Jadeja disclosed this information during a press conference organized by the Press Council, highlighting that various departments within the government would supposedly secure jobs for youth undergoing exam preparations. A thorough investigation has been initiated to expose the creation of counterfeit appointment letters, leading to a substantial financial loss for over 30 individuals, accumulating a whopping seven million rupees.

A particularly disturbing aspect of the scam involves a letter, purportedly proving that a young woman who failed her exams had miraculously passed. This letter was used to instill confidence and convince the victim’s family to pay a significant amount, initially demanding one lakh rupees and eventually settling for a payment of one million rupees. Further investigations revealed that five other individuals, related to the victim’s family, were also defrauded, resulting in a total loss of seven million rupees.

Police Conducts Raids Following Examination Scandal in Gujarat

A significant crackdown has taken place following an examination scandal involving the appointment process for the position of Assistant in the service of the Secretary to the Government (Class-3) in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Dr. Jivaraj Mehta, who conducted verification on March 21, 2023, at the Karma Yogi Bhavan, handed out appointment letters to candidates, directing them to the Collector’s office for the revenue department in Junagadh.

Subsequently, it was revealed that these appointments were fraudulent. Upon this discovery, Subhash Chudasama, along with other relatives including Narendrasinh Kachot, Lalji Bambhaniya, Ramdevsinh Jadeja, and Pravinbhai Bambhaniya, had their mobile phones confiscated, and a joint team from the Local Crime Branch (LCB) initiated an intensive investigation.

Under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) such as 419, 420, 465, 467, 468, 471, and 114, the police conducted a thorough examination and took decisive action. The accused, including Subhash Chudasama, who orchestrated the fraudulent scheme, promised government jobs to more than 30 individuals preparing for competitive exams, extracting a total of 99 lakh rupees from them.

The police also apprehended 25 young men and women who fell victim to this scam. The accused now face serious legal consequences for their involvement in this elaborate deception.

Fraudulent Appointments Uncovered in Competitive Exam Scandal in Gandhinagar

A significant scandal has emerged in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where Subhashbhai Chudasama, also known as Subhashbhai Chudasama, was running a training academy for competitive exam preparation. He was enticing aspiring candidates and their families with the lure of government jobs. Through deceptive means, Chudasama was revealing fake government appointment letters to candidates via mobile phones, exploiting their trust.

The incident involved a considerable number of individuals who fell victim to this fraudulent scheme. Chudasama, operating a training academy, had been encouraging aspirants for competitive exams with promises of lucrative government jobs. Using the false pretense of Special Category quotas, especially Scheduled Caste (SC) quotas, the accused managed to extract money from unsuspecting candidates, who believed they were securing government jobs through genuine means.

Harsukhlal Punabhai Chauhan, another accused in the case, worked as an agent, searching for potential candidates preparing for competitive exams. Without conducting any exams, he exploited the Special Category quota, offering government job opportunities in exchange for money. The third accused, Pintu Patel, claimed to work as a clerk in the Kalarak section of the Gandhinagar district. He, too, played a role in the fraudulent creation of government appointment letters, taking money in return.

The police conducted raids and investigations to expose the depth of this competitive exam scandal. The perpetrators now face legal consequences for their involvement in creating fraudulent government appointment letters and deceiving individuals who were earnestly preparing for competitive exams.

Forgery of Documents Unearthed During Investigation into Subhash Chudasama

Subhash Chudasama, the accused in the competitive exam scandal, had submitted fraudulent documents during the ongoing investigation. The police have seized the following fake documents from Chudasama’s residence in Jyotiba Phule Academy and the residence of Jethabhai, alias Subhash Chudasama:

  1. Three Forged Letters Related to Chief Minister’s Bogus Land Measurement Orders: The accused had fabricated three letters claiming to be official orders related to Chief Minister’s land measurement orders. These letters were produced with the intention of misleading authorities.
  2. Bogus Collector Office Appointment Letter from Junagadh: A fraudulent appointment letter was discovered, purportedly issued by the Junagadh Collector’s office. The accused created this document to deceive individuals into believing they had secured a position in the government.
  3. Fake Appointment Letters for SBI Clerk: Six fabricated appointment letters for the position of SBI Clerk were seized. These letters falsely claimed that individuals had been appointed to the position.
  4. Bogus Appointment Letters for Army Recruitment: Two forged appointment letters for Army recruitment were found. These letters were part of the scheme to deceive individuals into believing they had been selected for Army positions.
  5. Fraudulent Appointment Letter from Gujarat Public Service Commission: A fake appointment letter from the Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) was seized. This letter falsely indicated that an individual had been appointed to a position through GPSC.
  6. Notarized Affidavits Regarding Bribery Allegations: Documents related to notarized affidavits from complainants and others with allegations of bribery, malpractice, and other irregularities.

The police are investigating the extent of the forgery and the involvement of others in this elaborate scam. The accused, Subhash Chudasama, will face charges related to the production and use of these fraudulent documents, further complicating the legal proceedings against him.

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