Dr. Vaishali Joshi’s Family Appeals: Family Unaware of Doctor’s and PI’s Relationship, Urges Police Investigation

There is a possibility of filing a complaint with the PI or the Inspector at the Crime Branch premises in Ahmedabad in the case of the suicide of a female doctor. This is because the family members of the deceased, belonging to the family of Dr. Vaishali Joshi, are considering lodging a complaint. The Ahmedabad police have received the request from the deceased’s family members after going to Mahisagar to take their statement. It has been learned from the family’s statement that they were unaware of the connection between the female doctor and the Inspector. Meanwhile, PI Khachar is currently absconding.

The Gaikwad police team from Haveli reached Mahisagar to register a complaint in the case of the suicide of Dr. Vaishali Joshi. They had earlier called the family members to Ahmedabad for lodging the complaint. However, as the family members were unable to come due to prior commitments, the Gaikwad Haveli police team visited the larger villages in Mahisagar for the next two days. Five days after the death, the police finally recorded the statement of four family members.

The Gaikwad Haveli police have recorded statements from the elderly mother and two sisters of the deceased doctor. In their statement, the family mentioned that they were unaware of any relationship between the female doctor and the pharmacist. After completing all formalities, the family will approach the police station in Ahmedabad to lodge a formal complaint. Once the complaint is filed, the police will proceed with further investigation. As of now, the pharmacist accused of the suicide has absconded, and the police have not been able to record his statement.

It is reported that on Wednesday at the Ahmedabad Crime Branch campus, a female doctor named Vaishali Joshi committed suicide. A suicide note and a diary containing 15 pages were found with the deceased. The diary mentioned that the deceased felt victimized by PI B.K. Khachar. Although the Gaikwad Police initially recorded the incident as an accidental death, they later began investigating it as a case of murder. The police sent the deceased doctor’s phone to the FSL for examination. Moreover, the letters found in the suicide note and diary were sent to an expert for analysis.

The deceased female doctor had gone to meet PI Khachar, but he was not present there at that time as he was attending a sports event. It is reported that during the investigation of the doctor’s accident, PI B.K. Khachar claimed to be on a two-day sick leave due to his wife’s illness. However, after taking the leave, both Khachar and his wife went missing. The police are currently conducting a search operation to locate PI B.K. Khachar. Additionally, the police have obtained details indicating that since 2020, PI B.K. Khachar and Vaishali Joshi had been in contact through Instagram.

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