Youngster Jumps from Tapi Bridge in Surat’s Kapodra, Hanging Upside Down as Friend Holds On

Young Man Takes Deadly Leap into Tapi River from Surat Bridge

Incidents of individuals taking daring leaps from bridges over the Tapi River in Surat continue to occur. Recently, a young man in Kapodra vicinity once again attempted a fatal jump from the bridge. The youth, accompanied by his friends, was walking on the bridge when suddenly, he took a leap into the river. Unbeknownst to his companions, the young man unexpectedly took a plunge into the river.

Swift action was taken by the Fire Brigade, who promptly reached the scene. Employing immediate rescue measures, they managed to successfully retrieve the young man from the river. The timely response and efficient rescue operation prevented a tragic outcome, showcasing the importance of quick intervention in such situations.

Friend Rescues Youth Attempting Suicide by Jumping into Tapi River

In Kapodra, a young man made a suicide attempt by jumping into the Tapi River for reasons unknown. Fortunately, a friend who was present at the scene managed to grab hold of the young man’s legs before he could submerge himself in the river. Subsequently, people gathered, and the Fire Brigade was alerted about the incident.

Marshal Rescued from Hanging by Kapodra Police

Fire Officer Sudhir stated, “We reached the incident site along with safety equipment. The young man, approximately 22 years old, was found hanging. Immediately, using safety ropes, we brought down the marshal. The young man was hanging from the bridge with his friends present during the incident. He was in critical condition when we rescued him. After the rescue, we handed him over to the Kapodra Police Station. The reasons behind his attempt are currently unknown, and ongoing discussions with him during the rescue were focused on keeping him calm and safe.

A Small Mistake Could Have Been Fatal

A small mistake could have turned fatal for a young man, but due to the vigilance of friends and passersby, and the prompt response of the Fire Brigade, the young man’s life was saved within minutes of the incident.


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