Father-Son Collision Tragedy Caught on CCTV in Anand

A serious accident occurred on the Tarapur-Vataman highway involving a car and a motorcycle. CCTV footage shows that during the afternoon, a father and son were riding a bike on the highway. At that time, a car approaching from behind suddenly hit the bike, causing a strong collision with the father and son, who were riding like footballs on the road. As a result of the accident, the father suffered fatal injuries within just 5 seconds. Meanwhile, the 9-year-old son is in critical condition and is currently under treatment. The Tarapur police have taken action against the driver of the car, noting down the incident as a case of reckless driving.

The collision with the car caused father-son duo to be thrown like footballs onto the road. In this accident, Amitbhai Dineshbhai Jadav, a resident of Valligam in Tarapur taluka, was riding his bike with his 9-year-old son Darshan sitting behind him. Around 7:30 in the evening, they were crossing the road near the Khanapur Dargah on the Tarapur-Vataman highway. At that time, a car approaching from behind suddenly hit their bike. As a result, Amitbhai and his son Darshan were thrown onto the road. They sustained serious injuries to their heads and other parts of their bodies.

At the scene of the incident, crowds quickly gathered, and emergency services were called. All the injured were promptly taken to the Tarapur government hospital by 108 ambulances that arrived at the spot. Darshan is currently under medical care. Meanwhile, Amitbhai needed more intensive treatment, so he was rushed to Karamsad Medical Hospital. After examination by the doctors on duty, Amitbhai Dineshbhai Jadav was declared dead. Based on a complaint filed by Jagdishbhai Virsangbhai Jadav, the uncle of the deceased Amitbhai, the Tarapur police have initiated legal action against the driver of the I-20 car.

The entire incident of the accident was captured on CCTV. It shows a motorcycle rider crossing the road and heading towards the second lane of the highway, at the same time a car is seen approaching from the opposite direction and collides head-on with the father and son, resulting in a severe impact. Consequently, the father and son were thrown onto the road, experiencing serious injuries. The father succumbed to his injuries after two to three somersaults on the road. Meanwhile, the son was also thrown into the air due to the impact of the car and landed approximately 20 feet away. He too suffered serious injuries and was immediately rushed for medical attention.

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