Geniben’s Challenges Mount: State Congress General Minister DD Rajput Criticizes Congress, Possible Candidacy Change by March 31

The campaigning for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections is gaining momentum, and within this landscape, Gujarat Congress has faced another setback. DD Rajput, the General Minister of Gujarat Pradesh Congress and a prominent figure in the Rajput community, has pledged allegiance to the Congress. 

This move has escalated the difficulties for Geniben Thakor, a significant figure within the Congress in Banaskantha. DD Rajput was the Congress candidate in the 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections from Tharad constituency, and he is currently active in Tharad as a key figure in the Rajput community. Now, with DD Rajput switching sides, it poses a significant challenge for Congress’ Geniben Thakor in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

DD Rajput sent his resignation to Gujarat Pradesh Congress President Shaktisinh Gohil.

DD Rajput Resigns from Congress Leadership Amidst Social Discussions

During the crucial time of the Lok Sabha elections, a significant blow has been dealt to the Banaskantha Congress with the resignation of its leader, DD Rajput, known for his influential role in the border region of Vav-Tharad in Banaskantha district. 

Following a meeting convened at his farmhouse, DD Rajput tendered his resignation from all positions and responsibilities within the Congress party. He cited the party’s refusal to accept the invitation to the inauguration of the Ayodhya Ram Temple as the reason for his decision. 

DD Rajput emphasized his intent to engage in discussions and make decisions in line with the sentiments and aspirations of the society and youth in the upcoming period.

Possibility of Saffron Robes for DD Rajput on March 31st

The resignation of a former Congress contestant from the 2017 Vidhan Sabha elections in Tharad constituency has further complicated matters for Congress’ Lok Sabha candidate, Geniben Thakor, in Banaskantha. 

According to sources, on the upcoming 31st of March, DD Rajput is likely to don saffron robes.

DD Rajput called a meeting at his farmhouse.

Pre-Election Turmoil Rocks Congress in Banaskantha

The Banaskantha district is witnessing significant upheaval within the Congress party ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. DD Rajput, a key figure in the Rajput community and the Pradesh Congress’s grand minister, has resigned from his position within the Congress party. 

DD Rajput convened a meeting at his farmhouse to announce his resignation from all responsibilities within the Congress party.

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