Gujarati Woman Arrested for Threatening US Mayor Over Pro-Palestinian Stance

A young woman named Riddhi Patel, originally from Gujarat, residing in California, has been arrested on charges of threatening people, including the mayor of Bakersfield, California, for supporting Palestine and opposing Israel.

According to American media reports, Riddhi had appeared in court on Friday to contest the allegations against her but had denied accepting the charges against her. In a statement made during a council meeting, Riddhi not only expressed support for Palestine but also criticized those who support Israel. During the council meeting, Riddhi stated, “You are all very heartless people. There is no excuse for those who support Palestine or such countries where people are being oppressed.”

She further emphasized, “None of you care about how people are being oppressed here. If someone brings a guillotine and cuts off all your heads, it will be fine.” Riddhi faces charges of a total of 16 felonies. Currently, she is in Laredo jail, and a bond of two million dollars has been set against her.

Niyati Rao

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