Cleanliness Concerns at Geetamandir: Minister Harsh Sanghvi Investigates Bhaskar’s Pollution, Imposes Fine on ST Department

Divya Bhaskar Exposes Littering in Geeta Mandir Bus Port on December 8th

On December 8th, Divya Bhaskar reported an alarming situation regarding cleanliness at the Geeta Mandir Bus Port in Ahmedabad. The revelations in the report extended up to Gandhinagar, highlighting issues of pollution and unclean practices in the transportation system. In response, Harsh Sanghavi, the Minister of State for Transport, has issued orders to take strict action against those responsible. Notices have been served to accountable individuals, urging an investigation into cleanliness malpractices. It’s noteworthy that on the same day, Harsh Sanghavi arrived in Ahmedabad from Rajkot via ST bus in the evening.

Initiation of Statewide Cleanliness Campaign by Transport Minister

As per the announcement in a press release on December 2, 2023, the Minister of State for Transport has inaugurated a state-wide sanitation drive in Gujarat. The sanitation campaign, led by the ST Corporation, aims to raise awareness about cleanliness among the traveling public and achieve the highest standards of cleanliness at bus stations and in buses across the state. The ST Corporation’s effort to promote cleanliness was initiated with the goal of creating awareness among passengers and achieving top-notch cleanliness results at bus stations and on buses. However, the Divya Bhaskar online portal exposed videos of unhygienic conditions, including urine-soaked areas, at the main ST bus station in Ahmedabad. This revelation has led to a dent in the reputation of the ST Corporation.

The order issued during the ST Corporation’s cleanliness campaign specifically instructed the departmental authorities to pay meticulous attention to maintaining cleanliness at bus stations and in buses. The instructions were outlined in a written format and disseminated through online media for detailed guidance. However, due to the revelation of unsanitary conditions at bus stations through Divya Bhaskar’s online portal, the Divisional Controller, who is responsible for cleanliness, is expected to provide detailed clarifications on the reasons for not adhering to the prescribed financial procedures. The departmental authorities have been directed to make these clarifications in writing by Day 3. Additionally, as a penalty for non-compliance, the Minister of State for Transport has imposed a fine of Rs. 10,000/- on the developer of the bus station through an email communication.

In a scrutiny conducted by Divya Bhaskar at the Geeta Mandir ST bus stand in Ahmedabad, it was observed that near platforms numbered 5, 6, and 7, people were openly urinating, leading to a strong and pervasive stench. The intensity of the smell was such that it could be perceived even from a distance, affecting the passengers and creating an unpleasant atmosphere at the bus stand. Despite the public urination and the resultant unhygienic conditions, no corrective action or cleanliness drive was seen in progress at the bus stand. People were disposing of garbage openly on the platforms, and the situation demanded urgent attention to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the area.

Lack of Security Measures at Ahmedabad Bus Stand Raises Concerns

The Geeta Mandir ST Bus Stand in Ahmedabad has raised concerns due to a lack of security measures, particularly in the areas near platforms 6, 7, and 8. Despite the presence of CCTV cameras, there is no evidence of any action taken to deter people from urinating in public. A poster warning against such behavior is visible, but it appears to be merely symbolic, lacking any specific enforcement or penalties. Interestingly, there are no CCTV cameras in other locations where they could monitor and discourage such activities. Even security guards seem to be ineffective in preventing individuals from engaging in inappropriate behavior. The situation demands a closer look at the security measures and their enforcement at the bus stand to ensure a cleaner and safer environment.

Public Support Needed to Enforce Security Measures at Geeta Mandir ST Bus Stand

Jagdishbhai, the operator managing the Geeta Mandir ST Bus Stand under the PPP model, has expressed that individuals found engaging in public urination are now being deterred by security guards. Despite new individuals coming in and potentially continuing the same behavior, security guards have been successful in preventing such actions. However, for a more effective implementation of security measures, public support is crucial. To curb this behavior and maintain cleanliness at the bus stand, we need increased security. The management has also introduced a penalty of INR 5 for urinating in and around the bus stand premises, and a notice board from an external agency has been displayed. We will continue to investigate and take necessary actions to address this concern.

Legal Action to be Taken in the Geeta Mandir ST Bus Stand Cleanliness Issue

In a conversation with Divya Bhaskar, M. K. Gandhi, the Managing Director of Gujarat ST Corporation, stated that the responsible company is actively involved in developing and operating the Geeta Mandir ST Bus Stand under the PPP model. The corporation is committed to addressing cleanliness concerns, and we will thoroughly investigate and take necessary actions. The penalty of INR 5 for urinating in and around the bus stand premises, as mentioned in the notice from P&E and Usman, will be strictly enforced. Gandhi emphasized that legal action will be pursued to rectify this matter.

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